Hark… Is That A Meme I Hear…?

I was tagged by Tamara to do a needs analysis of no less than 5 bloggers I read.
So I decided to do the same thing she did- if I check out what Google says you need, then consider yourself tagged!

First up is my bestest best friend Gen, or NSNMOTB as some might know her. Recently emigrated down under and doing amazingly well… her eldest has already appeared in their local paper! Here’s what she needs: “a dope emcee” and “assessment”!

Next I’m going to analyse a real life friend who blogs too… Sweets! This awesome chick has just moved house AND then changed jobs! All she needs now is to do something drastic with her hair and she’ll have covered three of the biggest stress factors in one’s life in one fell swoop!!! Sadly, she’s had to take a break so she won’t be able to accept her tag… Anyhoodle, Sweets needs: “a behavior modification approach” and “your numbers”!! So watch out…

Now I’m going to analyse the needs of Louisa (whom I have also met in real life), who after some work issues in CT moved back to Jo’burg and just last week was partying like a Mexican! Louisa needs: “to be engineered to operate for long periods with minimal intervention by humans or robots”. Shame…

Next up is Mel, and since I know a few bloggers who go by “Mel”, you’ll have to visit her to see which Mel this is! Her kidlets have nicknames and she likes to scrapbook! What Mel needs: “a big wet sloppy kiss” and “to focus on herself and heal”. Hhmmm, I don’t think she knows that, but I’m sure the kisses will help.

Last but definitely not least, I will analyse Tracy, a talented writer and singer, an ADHDer mom and an ADHDer herself! Tracy needs: “wins to get back in the title battle” and “about 10 MB disk space for the core classes”!! Sounds complicated…

And just for fun I’m going to analyse my darling Damien too. Because I can. Damien needs: “to book a new venue” and “to get a better machine”!

Right. I look forward to reading more of these in depth and seriously scientific analyses.

5 thoughts on “Hark… Is That A Meme I Hear…?

  1. I am totally honored and completely baffled….

    What are we doing?

    I’m all in Angel, you know me,( er… well your trying harder than most 🙂 I already have like 20 freakin webpages going at once, gimme something else, I’m bored! HA

    Oh by the by, your a total BRAT for rubbing my nose in it. I am happy that you have a 1950s housewife that comes to handle your messes, but honestly, WAAAAAAAAA I want one too! (stomping foot)

  2. Thanks for that chick! Troy gave me my big fat sloppy kiss first thing this morning…

    And YES!! I will take the Part 2 to heart. Focus on myself….bwahahah…I do try but I have 4 other humans in my life that do feel they are FAR MORE INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT!!


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