8 thoughts on “Smile Bunnies!!!

  1. okay, reminding myself to hug you on saturday, to make up for missing being able to hug a retard on hug a ‘tard day.

  2. Although the Politically Correct Police keep trying to make “R” word as offensive as the “N” word, I don’t know anyone who uses the “R” word in it’s old context?

    I think that it is imperative for everyone to watch the movie Tropic Thunder to see for themselves how the harder PC Police try to prohibit a certain word, the stronger it gets.

    Where would Gangsta Rappers get their edge if the “N” word wasn’t verboeten for whitey?

  3. oh is that what they were trying to do???? damn! i kept hiding my helmet and my picture of Vernon Koekemoer……*grappie julle*

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