18 thoughts on “Lookit My New Header!!!

  1. It is beautiful.

    Will SOMEONE please tell me what went down at the birthday party?!?!?!?!


  2. Very sweet little cupcake. It suits you.
    Hey I’ve been working on my closet for 3 days now… it’s almost clean! WOHOOO

  3. harassedmomsramblings: innit just!?

    s.s.n.: i am so spoilt!

    reederscorner: hello new visitor!

    jeanette: i thought so too

    justin: πŸ˜€

    terri: i did do cupcakes- devil’s food cupcakes that were supposed to look like bloodshot-eyeballs… but they didn’t turn out quite right as i coiuldn’t find lifesavers anywhere! but they looked sufficiently gross and there were none left… πŸ˜€

    mr coppens: ;P

    simply-mel: dis wat ek gesΓͺ het!

  4. That really is a great header!!!
    Hope u had a great party. (Oh, and, er, you made cupcakes & decorated them with spiders and stuff??? Where do you get the time for all this stuff, woman??!!!)

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