Okay sort of a suprise.
Well, not really.
Sorry bunnies… got a little carried away.

Today is our 11th monthiversary. I can hardly believe how time has flown!!! I love you baby, more every day. Thank you for turning my life upside down and showing me that “more” is possible!

Its no secret that my Glugster and I plan to get married some time, we have spoken about it and it is definitely in our future- we just haven’t decided exactly when. So I thought I’d give you all a little glimpse into my favourite designs for a ring.
This type of design, the engagement ring “float” setting- actually called a tension set diamond- has always been a favourite of mine.

This is the very basic tension set with a round cut diamond- which also happens to be my favourite cut.
This design, and the next one, are both very similar, and I like them both a lot, especially the little extra stones on the sides of the second design.I like this design a lot- the whole three pronged thing- just with a round diamond instead of this stone. Now this one I really like! I love the extra stones on the side.
And this one I adore… This is my favourite FAVOURITE favourite!

So no, there’s no ring or proposal yet, but it will happen- and you will all know about it!

14 thoughts on “Suprise!!!

  1. wow! beautiful rings!

    I would love to have a diamond ring someday… when I do, my jewelry collection will be complete!


  2. The rings are all very beautiful and I am sure you will get one soon. Congratulations on your 11th monthiversary.

  3. becauseican: innit just?!

    louisa: lurv me some shiny!

    jeanette: 😀

    wenchy: dreams are wonderful things, eh?

  4. mmmmmmmmmm Noid and I have talked about getting married …. but… I don’t think he really wants to get married (yet he says), hence I do not allow myself to dream about rings. 🙁

    HOWEVER, if I be a girl and do dream…. I love a square diamond. LOL

  5. They all look soo stunning.. although I must say the last one is just absolutely gorgeousness …


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