I Burped Last Night!

I burped TWICE!!!
Audible burps too- not the tiny ones I had a little while ago!!
I said excuse me both times before I realised I was actually burping and then I got all excited!!

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14 Responses to I Burped Last Night!

  1. Muriel (Wipneus) says:

    whahaha this was so funny!!!

  2. angel says:

    simply-mel: 😀

    marcelle: welcome home!

    kingcover: heh heh… i couldn’t have, she’s waaaaay too cute!

  3. Kingcover says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t your new little kitty kat? You should have looked at her with a stern face and deflected the blame 😉

  4. Marcelle says:

    LOL you a funny one today..
    Am back in Germany so will be popping around again.
    Thanks for all the visits!!

  5. Simply-Mel says:

    I believe congratulations are in order….good on ya digestive system!

  6. angel says:

    louisa: well, since its more than 2 years since my op i was beginning to wonder if i ever would again!

    elise: :d

    glugster: aaaaww, baby!!!

    cormac brown: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    common tater: ah, you’ve changed your name again… and i stand corrected. and no- i was drinking coke zero!

    lynette: lol… that’s original!

    phats: i was never a big belcher so that’s not likely!

    mommanats: lol… that’s the only time i burp is if i drink coke or something!

  7. mommanats says:

    Can you teach me?? I’ve always wanted to let out at least one big voluptious burp – but to no avail.

    I don’t drink the gazzy things that make you burp – maybe that’s the problem???

  8. Phats says:

    Awesome, next you need to burp the alphabet!

  9. Lynette says:

    LOL. More room out than in. I just save my burps for when the husband says something ridiculous. Then I can let it all out as my response to said foolishness.

  10. Common Tater says:

    My Word.
    Ladies most certainly do not burp, they merely experience a brief aerophagic eructation and a true Gentlemen would choose to ignore it and pretend that it never happened t’all.

    Were you drinking Beer?

  11. Cormac Brown says:

    What did Jimmy Neutron’s father say? I think it was “better that it goes out of the chimney, than the basement.”

  12. Glugster says:

    Yes. You are turning into a little piggy. LOL

  13. Elise says:

    Ha ha!

    Better out than in Angel… Better out that in xx

  14. Louisa says:

    Mwahahaha! Oh well, congratulations. 🙂