Its My Party…

And since I’m going to be officially middle-aged (according to tradition, not modern standards) I’ll throw it when I want to! So I am going to have a birthday party a week early- on Sunday December 21st, 2008 at my house*, round 3-ish.
I will be on leave already, so no worries about the Monday for me!
I’m just going to have a braai (so bring along whatever you want charred, your liquid poison of choice, a large elaborately wrapped gift, and a chair), so consider this your official invitation.
Email me if you’d like a map or a set of directions, and whilst there’s no theme as such, there’s no guarantee that I won’t be dressed up, of course…
And I was kidding about the gift!
“Proper” blogging will resume shortly, I promise!

* I just love saying “my house”!

12 thoughts on “Its My Party…

  1. Will have to live vicariously through your blog …. but be sure I would be there if I could be! I just turned 36 – so boring . But 35 was a gas! Enjoy enjoy!

  2. dang! I won’t be able to make it:( I’ll be chillin with a cocktail in hand on board the boat.
    Hope you have tons and tons of fun!!!!

  3. You were supposedly due on 21 December. But you decided to hang in there 'til 28 December (to grow your angel wings I guess heh heh). Wierd to think we have a child turning 35 – can't explain. But its with great joy I remember your birth, you as a gawjuss baby – treasured memories! Love you Angel! Mommy & dady darling

  4. Awww… I won’t be around. But I’ll see you at Bloggirls, k? Birthday present (all shiny-like) in hand 😉

  5. Yeah I’d like directions from the UK please!

    I did notice the “my house” in there!I’m pleased that it feels like home to you.

    As its extremely unlikely I’ll be at your party I send you my present now — lots of love and even more happiness in your future.


  6. you’re getting soooo ollllld. lol.

    i wont make it, unfortunately. i will be in DBN, with the kid, until the 24th.

    But. luckily for you, you already have your birthday present (shiny blog header) so technically, me being at your party would just be unnecessary. lol.

    looking forward to seeing the pics and the blog write-up. and to seeing you guys on Sat, at The Kid’s birthday and at the bloggirls xmas party!

  7. Ok, so is that what I became today? MIDDLE AGED – OMG
    You do realise now that if I want to carry on playing sport I will now be classified as a veteran? OMW – How scary is that – but hey life is just beginning for us my Almost MIDDLE *giggle* AGED friend! BTW about the party – sounds like heaps of fun – would love to be there but maybe we can do a skype session on the evening – LOVE U AND MISS YOU STAX

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