BlogGirls Was Such A Hit!

I still can’t get over how successful it was!
I think we were 10 bloggers accompanied by our other halves and our “spawn” (as ExMi likes to call them)!! Myself, Louisa (who played hostess after poor Rebecca’s kitchen alterations messed her around and left her powerless), Phillygirl (the brains behind this operation), Jeanette, Sweets (who is on a blogging hiatus but attended several meets and we all miss her blog terribly), Rebecca, ExMi, Tamara, Ruby and Arkwife (the latter two ladies popped in but couldn’t stay long) were all in attendance.
BlogGirls was Phillygirl’s brain child in May this year (there’s a link in my sidebar), and while it was never a HUGE gathering of blogging women in the Jo’burg area, it was awesome to meet other women and make new friends. I actually made new friends- at 34 years old! And we’ve gotten to know each other over and above our blogs- and it’s amazing to me just how incredible bloggers turn out to be. These are intelligent funny women and I consider it a privilege to share in their lives.
Okay, soppiness over.
I made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese icing and little pink and black fondant gift boxes on top… that were supposed to be red velvet cupcakes but I flopped two batches of them so I made chocolate instead- so sorry if I disappointed anyone… I was so looking forward to the red velvet too, they’re my favourites! There’re photos here and you can find a few more photos of the event on Jeanette’s blog.
Our kidlets and partners were there too, and I honestly can’t get over how well they all got on with each other. Maybe it’s a guy thing- but I genuinely was pleasantly surprised. And my Glugs said he had a lovely time and thinks the BlogGirls partners are awesome. He had such fun playing with the kidlets too! Damien spent most of the time on his phone or drawing, but I expected as much…
And I could have kicked myself- I took my camera along but I left my memory card at home in my laptop so I have no pictures of the day… ~~sniffle~~
Secret Santa was great fun, I got the most beautiful silver fob chain with a heart and a flower and such- it is so me! I was so very pleased with it and I believe I have ExMi to thank for it (cripes, I hope it was ExMi’s gift, please correct me if it wasn’t). I also scored double because Tamara brought me an early birthday present! She makes jewellery and I got a necklace with magnetised beads in it so I can wear it round my wrist or my neck! And she gave me a new cake box and a bag of chocolate covered nougat! I do so love nougat… thank you Tamara, I love my gifts!
So, I drank far too much gin, I laughed a lot, I had a spectacular afternoon and evening, came home with new jewellery, and I can’t wait for next year’s meets to start up again!

11 thoughts on “BlogGirls Was Such A Hit!

  1. I met up with bloggers when in Cape Town on holiday…its wonderful to finally meet and see the face behind the name.

  2. I would love to come…. but a) felt intimidated not knowing anyone and b) we had the meeting with the boys on Saturday.

    Maybe I shall try it next year… 🙂 I will be brave.

  3. Sounds like you had a rip roaring time.

    Your gifts are wonderful.

    Glad you had a good time and many laughs.

  4. I love that beautiful necklace from R! It suited your outfit perfectly too.

    Bloggirls has been one of the highlights of 2008 for me.

  5. It was ME. I gave the heart pendant thingy.

    It was lovely seeing you and Glugs again. And everyone else too.

    Yay! for the next event.

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