OMG I’m Still Amazed…

My sweet darling Glugster gave me my birthday pressie early so I could start using it.

Apparently just about everyone but me knew what he was up to!

He told me he was having something made, which had me baffled, and then when we were going out for dinner to celebrate our first anniversary we stopped off at sister B’s place- when I started getting really puzzled- and I unwrapped the most amazing box of goodies, which he had organised with sister B and my BIL!!!

Here’s what I got.

Brace yourselves bunnies!

Its a Pentax K200D, an 18-55mm lens, a 55-300mm lens, a flash and a bag to put it all in!

Here’re the boxes and the bag (also Pentax branded), and the K200D body as it is when it comes out of its box. And its heavy- much heavier than the little Finepix 5700 I’ve been using and loving for the last 18 months (I had the 5600 for about 18 months before that).
Here are the two lenses, and the camera with each lens mounted on it.

And here’s the flash. I won’t go into the technicalities- you can hit the link if you’d like to know specifics… but its an incredible flash.
No fear- the camera has its own flash, but for other occasions the flash attaches to a hotshoe on the top of the camera.

Its friggin awesome bunnies! And I think Glugs may be sorry in a while when I’m taking 5 times as many pictures as I do now and switching lenses in between!

12 thoughts on “OMG I’m Still Amazed…

  1. WOW…AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU….I got a new one when I got back from holiday…*why didnt I think of taking photo’s like you have*!!!!
    Awesome…I dont have a fancy flash…cant wait to see the pics!!

  2. all bunnies: it is indeed awesome, and i haven’t even started playing with all the options yet!
    its almost a little intimidating though, i mean, i do hope i prove worthy of such an awesome gift… does that make sense?
    i feel as if i’m going to feel guilty if i don’t use it properly…
    ~~silly me~~

  3. That is a totally awesome present 😉 You’re going to get some amazing use out of it in Cape Town!!

  4. super cool.

    i suspect i may be getting a fancy new camera for christmas.

    a macbook and a camera all in one month. wow, my boyfriend must love me nearly as much as yours does!


    nice one glugs, and i hope you enjoy, angel!

  5. like everyone else, what more can you say to that than Fucking Wow!

    Congrats…I started reading and thought you were getting a ring! lol

  6. Hooollllyyy Shiite! Wow! That reminds me, I just today uncovered my manual-focus film camera with three lenses, and remembered how much I love switching lenses and getting all kinds of completely crazy shots!

    Have fun!!!!


    That is amazing!!! What an awesome gift!!

    Well done Glugster and ENJOY it!!! Just in time for your CT trip!!

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