Looking Back…

In a good way of course!
When Glugs and I went out to dinner last Thursday to celebrate our first anniversary, we went to the same restaurant we met at a year ago. And as luck would have it- the table we’d been at originally, opened up after we’d had our first drinks! We switched tables and it was almost surreal to sit facing each other like that again. We can both remember exactly what the other was wearing, and we were both so nervous! He was afraid he wouldn’t recognise me and I was afraid he’d cancel for some reason. I think I changed my clothes 4 times before I left, and I was determined not to be late.
One year ago, our dinner at Rhapsody’s was supposed to be a blogger-meet, but in looking back and talking about it lats Thursday we realised how quickly our dinner had turned into a date last year. When I arrived he was already there, he stood up as I approached the table and I kissed him on the cheek in greeting, as if we’d done it a hundred times. Then I reached over and rubbed the lipstick off his cheek with my thumb… and I didn’t want to take my hand away. I know it sounds ridiculously cheesy- but when I looked into his eyes and we smiled at each other, everything else vanished.
And when I posted about our dinner date last year, I didn’t give away much, but we had the most amazing evening.
I said in the post that we realised it was after 11PM but we actually left the restaurant at close to 1AM the next morning. And when we were talking about it last Thursday on our anniversary, we realised how neither of us had felt tired, or noticed the activity (or dwindling lack of it) in the restaurant and we hadn’t noticed them stacking chairs and tables up around us until our waitron asked if we’d like the bill! We hadn’t felt drunk or full despite several drinks and a 3 course meal. We spoke all night but didn’t cover everything there was to talk about- and we spoke suprisingly little about blogging and bloggers…
And he was such a gentleman too- treating me to dinner and not even trying to take advantage of me when we left… teehee!
And it seems that we both had very similar online conversations with friends of ours the next day. I was telling Sweets how amazing my evening had been and how I really liked him but obviously didn’t know how he felt- like we were back in school!
And the rest- as they say- is history.
I’ve had a heavenly year, and I am looking forward to many many more with my Glugster!

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  1. jeanette: πŸ˜€

    harassedmomsramblings: oh so do i!

    s e e quine: i’ll be right over!

    expensive mistakes and cheap thrills: πŸ˜€

  2. How totally sweet! VERY VERY cool!!

    Hope you guys have LOADS more years together!!

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