Blogger Meet On The Mooowntin, Shoowee Hey

Okay bunnies- being the proper bloggebrities that we are and all that– here are the easiest arrangements possible for us to meet some Cape Town bloggers while we’re on holiday!

We are going to be at the famous Brass Bell Restaurant on December 30th from 2PM until we figure we’ve either seen everyone who’d like to see us, or until we figure no one wants to see us and we drive back to where we’re staying in mortified embarrassment.
What say you?

Sound like a plan?

12 thoughts on “Blogger Meet On The Mooowntin, Shoowee Hey

  1. Hey… Just checked with Noid and it appears we should be able to make it!!!!!!!!!!!! 2pm on the 30th.

  2. Ah. The Brass Bell.

    Fishy smell, poor service, bit rickity, great view.

    Not so close to the Moooowntin though…

  3. I’ll try and be there πŸ™‚

    If they let me in after a friends birthday happening there on Saturday.

  4. mel: oh my friend you are so on my mind lately, hugs and prayers!

    jeanette: we are so going to!

    s.s.n.: what a pity!

    kingcover: its actually english- its meant to imitate a capetonian way of speaking!

    lopz: i have heard so much about it!

    simply-mel: it’ll be really cool to meet you! as for the crowd… i’ll let you know

  5. I should be there….as its minutes from my home.

    I could rent-a-crowd and brief them if you feeling insecure? *grin*

    Will be fun! Shucks, its been friggin forever since I revisted that place…..

  6. Wish I could, but my next stop in CT will only be April next year. πŸ™ However, you couldn’t have chosen a cooler venue….if no-one turns up, you will still have the best time.

  7. I’m stuck on trying to figure out what the title means. Lol. Must be Afrikaans?
    Hopefully some people will turn out for you guys but if not at least you can say that you’ve been to the Brass Bell πŸ™‚

  8. I would love to join you; however, if my map is correct I’d have to travel 8,416 miles and that’s a bit far for me.


  9. Hey, I would love to come. Lots happening in my life at the mo, keep on thinking about you actually as your family seems a carbon copy of mine. The 30th is my mom’s 1st chemo session. How I type mom and chemo session in 1 sentence I just don’t know. Will see what happens but in the meantime, pray for us pls.

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