I Have Been Remiss…

And I apologise profusely! Not only did I not acknowledge the splendiferousness – I did not pass it on either!

Oh the shame…


First of all, Gill gave me this one- the “Kreativ Blogger” award.

Is it not cool? On receipt of this badge of honour, you must mention the blog that gave it to you, share 6 values that are important to you and then list 6 things you do not support. Afterwards awarding another six bloggers of course!

6 “things” I value

These aren’t really things so much as values in themselves, and I reckon that if they were taken more seriously the world would be so much nicer a place!

1. Honesty

2. Integrity

3. Courtesy

4. Acknowledgement

5. Appreciation

6. Commitment

6 Things I DO NOT support

Now balancing the values I hold dear and the stuff I do not support can get exceptionally tricky…!

1. Cruelty in any shape or form

2. Dishonesty

3. Rudeness

4. Lawlessness or disrespect for the law in any shape or form

5. Greed

6. Petty nastiness

6 people I am passing this award to

And then I was given another award- twice bunnies!

That’s like winning a “Best Actress” BAFTA and a “Best Actress” Oscar in the same year for the same film!

Ahem… getting ahead of myself here.

ExMi and MommaNats both gave me the “BFF GOLD CARD” award!

Very cool! I do so love these little plastic cards…

And I will be handing this same award to the following bloggers:

Doula Mel, Simply Mel, My So Called Life and Yellowdog Granny!!

Standard blogosphere terms and conditions apply of course.

…come play on my rollercoaster…

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