Its A Book Thing…

I found this link here and just had to do it too. I rather like my result too. Go try it- its quick I promise!

You’re Watership Down!

by Richard Adams

Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you’re
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their
assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You’d
be recognized as such if you weren’t always talking about talking rabbits.

Take the Book Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

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7 Responses to Its A Book Thing…

  1. harassedmomsramblings says:

    I am How to kill a Mocking Bird! LOL

    Its a cool quizz

  2. reederscorner says:

    I loved that quiz – so cool! I’m Two Towers by Tolkien… different but still neat

  3. S E E Quine says:

    The first time I read that book, it had that cover!

    BTW, I’m Anne of Green Gables!

  4. Phats says:

    Have a great Holiday Season Angel, Tell Damien the same please

  5. Cheffie-Mom says:

    I’m also Watership Down! Great minds think alike! (: Have a super weekend!

  6. BecauseIcan says:

    I dont normally do quizzes but this one seemed so cool I had no choice but to.. I put the results on my blog.. go wont believe what book I am .. 😉

  7. Louisa says:

    Mwahahaha! Hell yeah – this is totally me. Lucky I don’t particularly like hats. 😀

    You’re Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!
    by Lewis Carroll
    After stumbling down the wrong turn in life, you’ve had your mind opened to a number of strange and curious things. As life grows curiouser and curiouser, you have to ask yourself what’s real and what’s the picture of illusion. Little is coming to your aid in discerning fantasy from fact, but the line between them is so blurry that it’s starting not to matter. Be careful around rabbit holes and those who smile to much, and just avoid hat shops altogether.