Random Sixiness

Louisa pegged me with this one last year, and since it’s a while since I did a “random things about me” list, and it goes against my personal blogiquette not to do a tag, I thought I’d humour her.


1. I love take-out. Junk food, fast food- call it what you will- I will quite happily eat it every single day.

2. The most expensive item of clothing in my wardrobe (excluding jewellery) is a grey lace bra imported from France that cost me R900. If I could I would happily go and buy another one tomorrow.

3. You know I love cupcakes- and I bake them almost every weekend- but I very seldom actually eat any of them! I taste the dough and the icing, but I don’t actually eat the cupcakes.

4. I love cereal… especially the sweet ones. I can quite happily sit in front of the TV and eat a whole box of Frosties straight out of the box!

5. I would love to have my Glugster’s baby. There. I said it. Details to follow.

6. I want to retire to Cape Town… After the holiday I just had I just love the place!

16 thoughts on “Random Sixiness

  1. So you’re hooked? Awesome! Uh…hope you’re not retiring at the ‘normal’ retirement age…otherwise I’m not seeing you for another 30 years! (yeah OK. we’ll make plans to visit somehow).

  2. louisa: i’m not entirely back… but i’m getting there

    meherenow: right now, R900 is about £60!

    laura: 😀

    marcelle: i like to eat cookies, but cakes and such are not high on my list…

    expensive mistakes and cheap thrills: 😀

    jeanette: i’m working on a “report” on our trip…

    kattbox: you didn’t hurt yourself did you?

    terri: heh heh, not too much catching up- i’ve never mentioned it before.

    tamara: aw thanx girl!

    wenchy: ;P

    becauseican: i didn’t import it, i bought it in a shop i go to- but it was the only one that fitted nicely and was pretty (always a bonus with my boobs)

    phats: i would love to!

  3. I am with you on the Bra thing.. nothing like sexy nice lingerie.. as long as they match and feel fabulous!! Price is not the deciding factor…what made you import one though??

    And how can you not eat the yumminess that you make.. I would need to be surgically removed from those cupcakes..just saying.

    Have a fabulous Weekend!!!!

  4. Ditto 1,3,4 & 6 (visit not retire though!)

    How much is R900 in British £??

    Hmmmmm re no.5!(waiting patiently for details!)

    Happy New Year!

  5. You’re back? Whoohoo! I sure missed you Angel. Sounds like you enjoyed Cape Town. 🙂

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