Oh Am I Getting Old Or What…

My sweet darling knucklehead shaved for the first time tonight in preparation for starting school tomorrow.
Just his top lip and his sidies… but he had to shave.
He did well, no cuts or anything.
And he wouldn’t let me get a picture!!!

16 thoughts on “Oh Am I Getting Old Or What…

  1. Aww, I would have liked to see a pic! My two are already talking about shaving, all of 11 and 10!

  2. stevin: πŸ˜€

    tamara: heh heh, no- the fax dude is a friend of neels’ so he’s for real.

    being brazen: i thought so too!

    acidicice: oooer, sorry girl- didn’t mean to scare you!

    gen: oh you’ll get a call all right tjomma!
    so glad dylan is good and home!

    janew: aw thanx jane!

  3. Aw sweet! I must say from what I saw he is an amazing boy – or rather young man. You should be proud of yourself mom πŸ™‚

  4. Yip my friend…….you are old……..NOT! Hey D, good shave – no nicks, I am impressed!!!!

    Love the FYI sidebar but please my friend if and WHEN it has two stripes on you had better bel me!@!

    We are home – Dillies doing great!

    Love ya miss ya MADLY!


  5. Cute man! About the one line in the picture to the left…ARGH. I’ve seen too many of those – AND they were wrong. Strictly blood tests for me.

  6. Nearly peed in my pants when I saw your FYI sidebar… LOL.

    As for the Facebook group… Maybe it’s all a joke and the dude is just arranging people to fax-spam someone he hates πŸ˜‰

    Good on Damien for no nicks first time around – impressive.

  7. Yep red wine because as with the wine life only gets better as mature.

    Well at least I like to think that. None of us like to think our best years are past us, no matter what our age might be. πŸ™‚

  8. louisa: and of course my squealing with excitement just has him looking at me like i’ve lost it!

    stephanie (bad mom): i should have…

    marcelle: erm, sorta…

    stevin: hello new visitor who commented, heh heh, like red wine eh?!

    laura: doesn’t it just… feels like just yesterday it was his first day at school!

    the jackson files: indeed, siiiighhhh…

    polgara: πŸ˜€

  9. You did get the right day!
    I have no idea how you remembered but it was so nice to get your message!
    Happy Birthday me lol
    Pol x

  10. Wow, this must make you feel, ummm… like a mature red wine.

    I mean if I look back on things being 16 feels like the other day to me, which incidentally is the same year I started whacking off the face fuzz with a feeling of accomplishment, and now those feelings have changed to loathing as I have to shave each day.

    It’s amazing how quickly 8 years have passed for me.

  11. AAAGGGGHHHH. This is a scary story for me. But I would have risked a nick to get his picture…You’re a kinder mom than I πŸ˜€

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