Cape Town, Cape Town… Whyfore Art Thou So Far Away (PART TWO)

Right. Did you survive part one?

On Monday December 29th, we had a picnic of sorts in Kirstenbosch botanical garden with Doula Mel and co. It was so awesome to see Mel again! The weather was cloudy and cool and a bit “spitty” (to use her friend Colleen’s term) but it warmed up quickly. We sat and chatted whilst my Glugs took a walk with my camera and the audio guide he’d rented. The kids played and ran around and fed bread to the goslings, and Damien walked around on his own a bit, spending most of his time on the blanket pretending to be a morbid teenager with built-in iPOD. There were lots of baby birds who are all quite “tame”, including an egyptian goose pair and their brood, some guinea fowl and their chicks, and Glugs saw pheasant with chicks on his walk. When Glugs got back after his suprisingly lengthy stroll, Mel said she was making tracks as they were leaving for a holiday the next day and had a bundle of stuff a still to do. As we made our way out of the garden through the gate- which is actually a big covered building- we walked into pouring rain! It was chilly too, so we decided to go to the Two Oceans Aquarium since it’s all indoors, and Damien and I queued whilst my Glugs went battery hunting (he’d flattened the camera’s batteries in the garden). I came to the conclusion very quickly that tourist’s children are horrid and rude, and my Glugs hurriedly pulled me away from what could have been a couple of nasty confrontations. Personally, I think UShaka is bigger and better (it is newer), but it was pleasant enough- apart from hordes of screaming children. After we’d been to Two Oceans we drove along the seafront for a while, thinking that Damien could find another tidal pool, but I had a splitting headache and it was a little chilly for swimming. We got home quite late and went straight to bed, after I found that I had burnt the back of my shoulders badly where the sunblock didn’t reach, ggrrrrrr…

On Tuesday December 30th I left my Glugs to sleep late and did a load of laundry (which his brother very kindly folded after tumble-drying it for us later). At 2PM we had the planned blog-meet at The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay which I could barely wait for, and at noon we left the house thinking to take our time and let Damien try his new goggles, flippers and snorkel. But ‘twas not to be… the traffic dismal to say the least! We parked some half a mile away and walked in just before 2PM! Neen and Bee already there with Neen’s other half, and we chatted and ate and laughed and took pictures, and then Wenchy arrived with Noid and Jane (who I’d never read but am reading now ~~wink~~)! I tell you, it was like playing spot-the-bloggers with all the cameras at the table, and I dunno what was going through the minds of the other Brass Bell patrons as we posed for pictures and laughed and shouted and took more photos and ate heartily all afternoon! Then Bee and Neen left, and acidicice arrived with her other half!!! How awesome! I hadn’t known I was going to be meeting so many bloggers, some of whom I’ve read for ages- Bee’s “Accidental Mother” being the second blog I ever read, followed by Neen’s “Me Time” and Wenchy’s “A Bit Of That”! Eventually we left after 7PM, and I think our waitress was more than happy to see us go, though I think she made enough off of us to justify our noise and demands! We went home quite worn out, to chicken schnitzel and roast veggies courtesy of Glugs’ brother.

Wednesday December 31st was of course the last day of 2008. We slept late, and then went for a drive along the coast to Rooiels so Damien could check out some rock pools. It’s a really pretty place, and tiny. Damien and Glugs went rock “climbing” on the shore and saw an octopus which very quickly made a dash for a crevice, and we saw lots of birds which I love! Damien decided it was too rocky and cold to swim though, and I don’t blame him! We then went back along the coast to Gordon’s Bay for lunch, and spotted seals playing in the water at several places along the coast! Damien was more than a little hopeful that they were sharks, but they were definitely seals. Back in Gordon’s Bay we ended up at a beachfront Spur (of all places) on the main beach after walking along the harbour wall. Then after lunch Damien took his goggles, snorkel and flippers and headed for the main beach. He didn’t swim long though- the water’s really very cold. We then strolled through the funny little shops on the beachfront before heading home. We found a “Shell Shop” that also sold books- but the books are not on shelves! They’re stacked all over the place- on the floor and on trestle tables- very squished and full, and the shell shops are stuffed full of very kitsch stuff that I haven’t seen in years! I giggled like a lunatic whilst trying to take pictures without upsetting the shop owners! On the way home we stopped for some meat and braai bread and charcoal and such, and then rang in the New Year with two of my Glugster’s siblings and the knucklehead. It was small and intimate, and great fun- with Damien mixing some horrible poisons and feeding them to us as “cocktails”- and all of us singing along with my Glugster’s sister on the guitar!

Part Three follows…

7 thoughts on “Cape Town, Cape Town… Whyfore Art Thou So Far Away (PART TWO)

  1. louisa: as in vile… as in just alcohol…

    glugster: like you said… the knucklehead needs lessons, or a recipe book, before we let him do that again!

    muriel (wipneus): ta!

    thomas: and its coming- i’m working on part 4!

    brigitte: yay- nice suprise!

    wenchy: me too! me too!

  2. HELLO!!!!

    Just popping in to say hi quickly – all BLOCKS are down for a while so I am free to read – very quickly!!

    Miss your blog and reading everyday!!

    Love you to the moooooooooooon!!!!


  3. Ahh. The “cocktails”. Usually a cocktail has some kind of mixer in it along with the booze. This was not the case that night.

  4. When you say horrible poisons, how horrible are we talking here? 😉

    I love those gardens, you can walk around in them forever – all it misses is a waterfall like mine up here, then it would be perfect.

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