Erm… can someone please explain to me why this Uyanda Mbuli chick has a full page in the HEAT magazine to use as her own personal “blog” space?
And no, I don’t know who she is, so maybe she owns the rag- or her husband does, but this page makes absolutely fork all sense to me. Oh, and I refuse to link her and give her yet more attention…
The page is called “Yanda World” and the decription says “take a seat in the front row… my little corner of heat is strictly fabulous and yandalicious!”
It would make sense to me if she was using the space to promote people or businesses- but on her latest one she goes on about investing your money and saving cash, the shoes she got for her birthday (yes they are exquisite) and a day at a spa that she doesn’t even name!!! And she seems to have a photographer everywhere she goes- and I mean a photographer, not just someone taking pictures!

5 thoughts on “WTF!!?!

  1. I think, as Heat magazine’s content is aimed mostly a white female middle class audience, she is there to appeal to a different demographic (black female middle class).

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