Needing A Change?

I found a website, where you can upload a picture of yourself and then play with hairstyles and colours and even change your make-up and eye colour… and then my Glugs was rushing me to watch “The Mentalist” and I neglected to save the results properly! I did manage to get a few images of my experimentation though, heh heh.
Its not the most flattering picture of me- but it provided a good hour or so of entertainment, LOL!

14 thoughts on “Needing A Change?

  1. thomas: well it is my favourite!

    becauseican: lol, i think thats a little extreme…

    gen & wenchy: heh heh, i wish mine actually looked like that if i blow-dry it straight!

    marcelle: i love the blue! ;D

    amanda: teehee…

    janine: i can google anything! mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Ja – the red hair looks cool. Wish you’d found that web site before I’d chopped all my hair off – I looked for one and couldn’t find it. Sigh.

  3. OMW – You look just like sister C……..specially in picture 2, 3 and 6 – Amazing……….! But I do like pic 2 – looks good! I played on this website before too – gr8 fun!!!

    Enjoy your weekend….!


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