So What’s Been Happening…?

Its been a loooong work week, and I can’t wait for the weekend!

As I mentioned earlier this week- last night we went to see the MPH with Top Gear Live at the Dome! I’m not going to give anything away because I know there are people going to the other shows (and yes, I know they may not be identical shows, but I’m still not saying anything), so I’ll just say it was fan-fargin-tastic! As can be expected with Jeremy, no subject is taboo, and watching the cars maneouvre LITERALLY gives me goosebumps… heh heh, am I a petrolhead or what!!??? It was such a jol, and Damien thoroughly enjoyed it too. I did try to take pictures, but in an arena that size a flash is useless, and I SO need to learn how to set up my camera to get decent pictures without one… I’ll post a couple, but don’t hold your breath, okay? We also spotted a few celebs and may well be on TV! Carte Blanche’s Derek Watts was doing a segment right in front of us, and Highveld Stereo’s Wackhead was sitting a couple of rows in front of us!

This weekend my darling Glugster is going away for the weekend with the choir… We have thus far spent one night apart when we had our sibling Christmas party last December, which was okay for me because I was busy and the time went quickly. And we survived, LOL, so now we will see if we can survive two nights apart! I’m not going to see him till Sunday night again as he’s leaving straight after work today!!! And they have quite an itinerary planned too, with two to three practice sessions a day!

Ooh, and its BlogGirls on Saturday, and Sweets is coming with me, YAY!!! I so love these get togethers! I’m trying a few new cupcake recipes too, so lets hope they’re a success.

On Sunday Damien and I plan on having a date. We usually mall-crawl and watch a movie and such, its what we like to do… and its very important that he not feel I’m not paying him any attention since I started seeing my Glugs!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!!!

12 thoughts on “So What’s Been Happening…?

  1. Gloating doesn’t make me like you again….going to mph…blegh!

    Sooo excited for glug and the choir…it’s awesome that he started again:)

    Och….and i missed blog girls too….oh noes:(

  2. kateeighty: it was so cool!

    thomas: YEAH!!

    megan: he is really short… granted he was with two tall men, but he is short!

    amanda: oooooh goody!!!

    acidicice: aw i’m sorry i didn’t bake for you when we were there… not to worry- when you’re here on business again i’ll bake some for you!

    lopz: its is so awesome!

    jeanette: i do hope we’ll be seeing you at some of the meets this year, when you’re not working?

  3. I think I should take my man to a top gear taping, I can’t beliebve it hasn’t occurred to me before. sounds awesome! I’ll be doing some research on company time today 😉

  4. *stamps her feet* I still haven’t tasted your cupcakes! I will make a special exception on my diet for them!

    Enjoy the date with knucklehead and the blog girls gathering (SO jealous!)

  5. sigh. so jealous. i’ve heard MPH is de-vine. ok. but seriously. is hammond THAT short, or is clarkson unsualy tall?

  6. Oops, I forgot to mention how Glugs bought him and I each a T-Shirt! Mine is the Top Gear Live show T-shirt with the dates and venues on the back- and Glugs’ one says something about the Stig (I’ll let him enlighten you), and yes- we got to drive the test track in a resonably priced car ~~snigger~~!
    We also strolled around the after show looking at the cars on display. There was nothing mind-blowing, truly, but these shows never are unless you attend something like the “Paris Motor Show” and get to see the concept cars and such… and thats on my TO-DO list for one day.

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