Oh Boy.

Seems I let the cat out of the bag!!!

I “announced”, with a Facebook status change, that my Glugster and I are shopping for an engagement ring. Thassaright bunnies!! We are looking for a ring. Dunno when we’ll find it, and I dunno when he’ll pop the question once we’ve found it- but now you know.

We’re ring shopping.

Apart from that, this weekend past was a quiet domestic-type one. We re-potted my pot plants, that desperately needed bigger homes after years in my flat. We collected, “planted” and populated a koi pond with 10 baby koi- 5 of which we’ve already lost sadly. The dude at the pet shop provided substantial entertainment by trying to catch the specific koi I asked for with a big net on the end of a 2M long pole! And I baked cupcakes… of course.

We also visited my Sister B on Sunday for my Godson M’s 16th birthday cake and tea. Not a huge gathering, but relaxed and fun.

On the baby front- I have now started taking prenatal/ pregnancy vitamins (pregnavit)… but I need to exercise more, eat better- though I have started eating breakfast and I’ve cut down in my coffee intake… and I have to lose some weight.

And we are both taking Fertiboost supplements, and we bought an ovulation microscope

I didn’t even know this stuff existed!!!

Ooer, and then there’re all the other things that come with age!

˜ Ovulation can become irregular

˜ The risk of a multiple pregnancy increases

˜ The risk of early- and often unnoticed- miscarriage increases

˜ The risk of gestational diabetes increases

˜ The possibility of needing a C-Section is higher

˜ Chromosomal abnormalities are a higher risk

To be honest, I am trying at this point not to think about it all too much- but it’s mainly these risks that made us decide not to wait much longer before trying for a baby!

Scary shit, bunnies…!

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16 Responses to Oh Boy.

  1. Globus says:

    go down the adoption route. it’s easier.

    yours sincerely,


    – dad of 2 kids under 3 yrs old.
    – reminiscer of a once happy, innocent time when he only had 1 dog. dogs don’t answer back and only need bathing once a year.
    – once you’ve learnt the bob the builder theme tune, can master changing a nappy in the dark, and don’t mind going out socialising knowing that your top smells slightly of baby sick – then, and only then, do you know your life is truly over 🙂

  2. supermom says:

    Oh wow. That IS big 🙂 I hope he is romantic when he asks you

  3. acidicice says:

    Scary indeed. I am SO buying a microscope at the end of this month if we have failed yet again…

  4. Amanda says:

    Cool bananas Angel!! I remember ring shopping, how exciting!! Don’t worry about the baby thing too much, just find out what’s available and use what you need/like and toss the rest! Good luck!!

  5. Wenchy says:

    Congratulations all round! 🙂 I am hugely jealous but big time happy for you!!!!

  6. laura says:

    OOOHH ring shopping! TOTALLY ROCKING!! How very exciting :))

    ENJOY the baby making and try not let the science of it all get to you

  7. The Jackson Files says:


    I can’t wait for the first blogger baby AND wedding.

    BTW…the best way to get pregnant is to drink half a bottle of red wine and three margaritas – well it worked for me at least.

  8. Tamara says:

    Ring shopping!!!

    How awesome.

    Ovulation microscope? That sounds terrifying.

  9. Thomas says:

    Good luck:) With the ring and the baby making..and don’t worry about that other stuff, you’re still young and sprightly!

  10. Jeanette says:

    LOL at the stuff, temp charting worked for me.
    Woohoo re the ring!

  11. sleepyjane says:

    I’m sorry – I got stuck on the “ovulating microscope” – That’s cool! I didn’t even know there were things like that.

    Happy baby making!! 🙂

  12. lulu says:

    Awesome ring shopping is sooooooo exciting!!!

  13. Tay says:

    Oh yes…. Whooo hooo for ring shopping!!

  14. Tay says:

    I am following your advice at the moment and trying not to think about it anymore 🙂 Perhaps I should look into what you are taking? Don’t forget the folic acid! Oh and “Stamina Grow” came highly recommended. Happy baby making!

  15. Southern Sage says:

    good luck!!!
    practice practice

  16. Louisa says:

    Sheesh that’s quite a lot of equipment for baby-making. I thought all you needed was a boy-person and a girl-person and a little magic? 😉