Bush Is Gone…!

For a few weeks now, the knucklehead has been getting up as soon as I wake him, getting dressed in record time and shooting out of the back door before I’ve even finished wiping the sleep out of my eyes! Usually just waking him is a mission, so I was quite happy, and assumed he was going for a cigarette as he’s not allowed to smoke inside.
Then this Saturday past, we put a koi pond in the back corner of the garden.
This required the digging of a hole, the relocation of the plants that had been where the pond now would go, as well as the spreading around of the soil that came out of the hole. The process of redistribution meant examining the flower beds and finding spaces for the many plants that had to be moved (we have such a beautiful full garden).
As we walked through the flowerbeds and decided where the plants would go, my Glugster made a discovery.
A plant.
Neatly propped up with a stick.
And growing very nicely too.
And where was this plant I hear you ask?

Not stashed in a corner unobtrusive and out of sight.

Not hidden in the back of a flowerbed.


It was right outside the back door!!! Right opposite the door, in the flowerbed!!!

Talk about not matching action and consequence… he doesn’t even think far enough ahead to be sneaky!!!
I called the knucklehead over and pointed out the plant. He looked at me and shrugged, feigning innocence. I shook my head at him and told him to get rid of it.
He reached down and pulled it out, and when I asked if that was what he’d been doing first thing every morning he grinned sheepishly and said: “it was kind of an experiment…”
Yeah right.
Little shit.

14 thoughts on “Bush Is Gone…!

  1. Hi Angel

    so sorry about everything. Kids will always go for the experience. You know like in been there, done that *grin*

    If you have kids, never say never. haha

    I still think you’re a great mommy!

    (no where to leave comment on the next post)

  2. just read post above, no where to leave a comment. God if I had a dollar for every time I said ” I want boring!” I never knew anyone else said that till now.

    I had a mom find me, or i found her, or someone found her to me…something like that. Single mom, kid on the spectrum. Asked not why, cause we know why is never answered, but “how?” Loaded question, posted what I wrote back to her tonight, maybe it will help you, maybe it won’t. But know that there is some crazy bitch in the states that wants to be bored too.

  3. Wa ha ha ha ha! I’m sorry, I suppose as a mother it is not funny, but from where I’m sitting it is SO FUNNY!

  4. Hey Angel, it sounds hectic over there, I’ve just read your latest post, if you need a good rehab, I’m talking for 6 months to a year with schooling, just e-mail me and I’ll give you the details. We have some experience with drug councelling, so please feel free to ask any questions, especially since you feel so desperate. Sometimes parents don’t know how serious it really is, coz the kids are brilliant at lying. Give me a buzz if you need to.

  5. The nerve of it – growing the stuff right under your noses. You gotta give him credit for having balls, Angel.

  6. OMW, I know it is not at all funny any more *HUGS* but the way this was written was funny.

    Good luck with sorting it all out though. Must be really really tough.

    My ex smokes the stuff every day…

  7. Ha ha, that’s hilarious. How old is he now? Maybe he’s a budding (excuse the pun) entrepreneur:) I’m sure you were pretty angry!

  8. Well, with the recent price escalation in dope, you can’t blame him for trying to become self sufficient. 🙂

  9. Ha ha! My mom’s neighbours have a Rastafarian living next door and his “crop” has now become so big, it’s growing over the wall into my mom’s garden. She keeps trimming it and giving him the cuttings (whilst muttering she’s going to get arrested.)

  10. Mwahahaha! Busted!

    At least he has an interest in gardening? It doesn’t always have to be an illegal hobby…

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