Another Night From Hell…

How bad?
Well, my eyes are still puffy more than 12 hours later, and all the crying has induced a sinusitis attack.

We’re pretty much speaking again.

What would I do without my Glugster…

Ooh… edited to add: I am actually glad that I am not pregnant right now. Seriously. I would hate to imagine what any baby would be going through with me in such a state all the time… I half wonder if maybe God knew what was coming, and has postponed any baby till we get over this?

7 thoughts on “Another Night From Hell…

  1. I think you’re right on the pregnancy front – that’s an emotional rollercoaster all on its own. No need for any other drama.

  2. Hi Ange!

    I’ve decided to start blogging again. I am very glad for you that you have the Glugster in your life. You both shall still receive the reward for not giving up on Damien

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