Spookie Is A Little Older…

Today is my sister B’s birthday!

She doesn’t blog much anymore because she doesn’t have access at work- but you can always pop round and wish her if you’d like.
Happy Happy Birthday B!
Love you madly!

We also celebrated my Granny Darling’s 84th birthday on Saturday with cake and tea with the family, and we celebrated my sister’s birthday on the same day. I baked these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter icing and chocolate vermicelli and a cherry (some of which I took to the BlogGirls housewarming as well).

My granny darling loathes photographs of herself though, so I’m not going to post any. I also don’t want you all to know what I’m going to look like when I’m 80-something, LOL!
Happy birthday granny darling!

4 thoughts on “Spookie Is A Little Older…

  1. Ooh how I would die to get my hands on the recipe to those scrumpious looking cherry chocolate cupcakes!

  2. Ok I’m done being polite – When are you going to courier me some of those cupcakes?!

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