“Diet” Is Just “Die” With A “T” On The End…

I think Garfield said that.
In essence I have made a choice, a decision for me. For us. I decided long ago that I need to lose weight, but didn’t really do anything about it. I have picked up all the weight I lost after my hernia op, so I have to make a plan.
And I have been reading and researching* our baby-making attempts. Hhmmm…? Of course I have, how do you know me!!?!?
Information is empowering, and this particular endeavour is something I never really did a lot of reading on before. I have come to the conclusion that I am not doing enough to try and optimise mine and Glugs’ chances of getting preggers.
Yes, I am now lying with my legs in the air for 20 minutes after… erm- after coming to the conclusion that it may not be an old wives tale (‘scuse the pun). Yes, Glugs and I are both taking vitamins and supplements, and I am using my little ovulation microscope every morning. But there’s more I can do- even though there are no guarantees no matter what you try.
So as an extra step, Glugs and I are now both dieting**, we’re finally going to start dancing next week+ and I have now cut out caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Do you have ANY idea how much I miss Coca Cola!?!!??? I bought myself a bottle of decaf coffee for work because I can’t not drink coffee and decaf at least lets me bullshit my brain some. Alcohol and smokes are not too much of a problem to pack in I don’t think- I only drink and smoke socially, and I only have a few cocktails or some wine if Glugs and I go out on a date. We were out this week, and I had a couple of virgin daichiris… not nearly as tasty obviously, but not all bad. The real test of course will come in when we do go gallivanting… I keep telling myself that one glass of wine won’t hurt- but I dunno, hey.
At least its only till the end of the year.

*like I don’t do enough of it with Damien’s ADHD…
**insofar as we’ve changed our eating habits and cut out the snacking
+the recent Damien drama put paid to our previous plans to start

13 thoughts on ““Diet” Is Just “Die” With A “T” On The End…

  1. oh lord i did that over 40 years ago trying to get pregnant…had my tubes blown too…hurt like a bastid.

  2. Good luck, Angel! In my experience, the moment you decide to diet is the very moment the cravings kick in – for anything and everything, as long as it’s loaded with calories. So be strong! May your stomach soon start bulging in a good way!!!

  3. They say loosing a few pounds can help a pregnancy real easy.
    I had to give up all of those goodies for health reasons a long time ago and over time have found some healthy alternatives so I don’t feel so left out.

    Here is a summer favorite that I could drink all the time.

    Diet/virgin Mojhito.

    Fresh mint leaves (never dried)
    sugar free sweetener (I use splenda, but not sure what brand names you use over there.)
    Diet club soda (ya know sweet bubbly water.)
    Fresh limes.

    Take some mint leaves into bottom of glass, add sugar substitute (you’ll need to experiment with how sweet you want yours based on glass size and preference) Kinda grind up the leaves a bit with the sugar sub to break some of the leaves to release the mint. Squeeze in a quarter of a lime and then just drop that into the glass. Add good pure ice, pour diet club soda over it. Give a stir and I promise you it is a super refreshing and yummy drink that require no alcohol or sugar and is good for you.

    Another important bit of equipment is a good blender to make slushies and smoothies out of fresh fruits, yogurts, honey..whatever you like. Easy to make and frozen fruits work good to as they act as the fruit and ice at the same time and you only use what you need and don’t waste any. These are like the red bull drinks of diets and fill you up and give you a ton of energy.

    Fun to experiment with flavor combination too. I love banana, yogurt and pineapple. Or pineapple and peach with yogurt or just ice. Rasberry peach is good too. Great way to use up fruit getting to ripe also.

    Give it a try, it ads a whole new element to your diet that you won’t get bored with.

  4. I reckon you’ve got the right approach – healthy and moderate. All the best with that!

    Steelworks is also a nice non-alcoholic drink. Kola tonic, ginger ale and a dash of Angustura bitters over ice. Refreshing!

  5. I feel your pain. Am desperately to lose weight and eat “right” which hopefully results in a baby. (Besides the other factors needed).
    Strongs to you and Glugs.

  6. Good luck! There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine here or there:) Just cut down portions, stay away from carbs and eat a lot of fruit and you’re a for away!

    Oh, and good luck on the baby making:)

  7. You sound very determined and focussed. I’m very impressed 🙂 All this hard work will surely pay off. I don’t know if you’ve found this site yet, but if you haven’t, go check out http://www.fertilitree.co.za.

    Oh, and Virgin Mojitos…try it. 🙂

  8. I’m such a quiet reader at the moment (I have to do it in secret, cause we not allowed to surf the net during work hours) So even though I have been reading your blog every day I have not commented quite as much as I should have. Firstly I also nominated you secondly: good luck with all your efforts. I’m sure you will reap the rewards!!!

  9. Good Luck girl friend! I know that you can do anything you put your mind to! Wish i could give up smoking again!!

  10. Good luck!! Grant and I are also dieting – we’re doing the low GI thing and I have to say that as diets go it is very do-able – but I crave chocolate like crazy! I find weekends the hardest, come Friday evening and I NEED a couple of glasses of wine and a huge packet of chips… and then when we watch the rugby…. LOL!!

  11. Good luck Angel!

    Don’t you find that as soon as you make an official “diet” you start developing uncontrollable urges for all the things you know you shouldn’t have?

    Did this littel mind trick with a girl I worked with who was a choco-holic where she had to visualise her favourite chocolate with a big fat worm in it – she did not thank me by the way!

  12. GOOD LUCK Angel!!!!

    I could give up pretty much anything except my wine!!

    Snacking is the biggest problem in weight gain so start there and you guys are sorted!!!

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