Just Call Me Twinkle-Toes!!!

We had our first lesson last night.
It was more of an assessment and an information session than a dance lesson, but it was entertaining and lots of fun. We now have a coach and a regular schedule and we’re both very excited to get dancing. We’ll consider competing for fun, but thats not why we’re doing it. We are also going to have a dance choreographed for our wedding- which is awesome!
So. About the session. I know there’s a fair amount of pitching and schmoozing that happens when a place like a dance studio is trying to get you to take out a contract and become a regular- but this guy was positively gushing over my apparently innate skill. He was charmingly flabbergasted that I hadn’t been dancing all my life, and told me I should have been dancing for 20 years already!!!
He also complimented my boobs and told me I looked fabulous for my age. And he just loves Glugs and I as a couple! I’m almost glad I just wore a T-shirt ‘coz I dunno what effect a full Angel-cleavage woulda had on him, LOL!
Our first two lessons are an hour each because we’ve already missed half this month, and then from April onwards we’ll be having 30 minute sessions once a week.
Its going to be fantastic!!!

14 thoughts on “Just Call Me Twinkle-Toes!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it! It sounds like you, my friends, are just going to better and better places as a couple 🙂

    Love you both madly

  2. Laura: duznit just!!?!?

    Louisa: heh heh… we have to get engaged and such like too!

    acidicice: well, the instructor was quite insistent that anyone can learn to dance!

    Panni: this is something I have always wanted to do, but most of the time couldn’t afford it and then couldn’t see myself doing it on my own…

    Simply-Mel: LOL- so you’re giving yourselves enough time then, eh? He’s definitely not shy and retiring! He’s quite a nut!

    Gen: trust me you’ll hear all about it!

    The Jackson Files: LOL… I doubt we’ll get that into competing!

    momcat: hhmmm… belly dancing sounds like fun!

    Spear: heh heh

    Wenchy: the instructor reckons that’s all Glugs and I will need to learn the dances

    Malicious Intent: now I get to claim the title in its own right!

    Tamara: I am so looking forward to them. And no worries, you’ll know about it when I start planning our wedding!

  3. Wedding? WEDDING!


    Can’t wait till you set a date. You’re the ultimate wedding planner, so it will be interesting to see 😉

    Dancing lessons are awesome. I miss them. But just can’t afford the money or time at the moment.

    Glad you seem to be enjoying.

  4. Loooove is a beautiful song
    onetwothree onetwothree onetwothree
    la la la la la la laaaaaa!

  5. My daughter is the dancer of the family and did ballet and modern as a child. Since becoming an adult she started attending ballroom and latin american lessons and now that she is in Cape Town she attends belly dancing lessons which she says are thoroughly enjoyable and a great workout.

  6. I LOVE schmooooooozy sales people. I’m like BRING IT ON, tell me that I’m fabulous. More, more, more.

    Now I am not only looking forward to your wedding but also coming to watch you compete in some kind of Strictly Come Dancing competition.

  7. I am SO glad you guy’s have finally gone now………How cool is that – what a nice compliment and all 🙂 Keep us posted on the progression of the lessons!

    Love ya madly – MWA

    ME (Gen)

  8. He complimented your boobs? That is so funny!! He certainly aint the shy retiring type hey?

    My man and I have been talking bout doing lessons FOR-EVER but havent gotten around to it. Me thinks we will get it together for our eldests wedding….!!

  9. I’m sure you are going to enjoy every minute. Your coach sounds like a character. My cousin owns a dance school in Centurion and she is also very outgoing and fun.

  10. Awesome! Rudi has two left feet. I don’t think we could do this! I also feel like I have no rythm! Best of luck for your special wedding dance! This is good exercise too!

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