Happily Birfdaze Bru!!!

Today is da Bruvva’s birthday!
He’s my little brother- even though he’s half a foot taller than me.
He’s daddy to my darling nephew Nathan, who he loves with all his heart.
He sings.
He writes poetry.
He can sell ice to an eskimo.
He’s good looking.
He’s intelligent.
I am honoured and priviledged to call him brother.
update: I completely forgot his “Superman” thing- he is called Superman by many, and has a Superman ring and a couple of Superman T-shirts and all sorts of ringtones and stuff… I can’t believe I forgot about it!
So Happily Birfdaze Superman!!!

6 thoughts on “Happily Birfdaze Bru!!!

  1. The Jackson Files: 😀

    acidicice: I didn’t, but I may bake him some this weekend.

    Mel: heh heh…

    The Divine Miss M: 😀

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