So Whats Up?

What’s been happening? Whats exciting?

  • I’m exhausted every night by 9:30PM!!! Its ridiculous!!!
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying “Fringe“, “Sanctuary” and “Middleman” on TV- when I can stay awake to watch the ones we record!!!
  • Damien seems to be doing okay- we haven’t really had a fight this week. But I can’t let myself relax and think things are fine… I am constantly bracing myself for the next downhill!!!
  • I was very spoilt last weekend with my Glugs buying me more jewellery- including a silver dragon pendant!!!
  • My headlights have fused and now I only have park-lights… Its totally nerve-wracking and I have got to have them replaced ASAP!!! We had “cake and tea” with da Bruvva (AKA Superman) last night and had to drive behind Glugs all the way home because I was afraid people wouldn’t see me coming- and I couldn’t see properly when the streetlamps weren’t working!!!
  • Work is work. There was some hectic debate-inspiring-drama, but I can’t really blog about it…
  • I can’t wait for F1 to start!!!
  • This weekend is going to be relatively busy again.
  • I’m fighting with Vodakak AGAIN… despite being able to give me internet access bundles costing up to R400, without any grief, over the phone– if I want itemised billing I have to fax them a copy of my ID book, and a letter requesting it!!!!
  • Its so obviously heading towards autumn and winter… its dark when I get up in the mornings already and the sun is only just rising when we drive to work.
  • I overslept yesterday… Glugs heard my alarm, and saw me switching it off, but I only woke up when his alarm went off and had no memory of mine at all!
  • My furbabies are all so sweet… Magic is currently running everywhere and half stalking us at every opportunity. She is always under my feet and I stand on her regularly. She’s learning to “sit” now too! She is so pretty…

So what you all been up to?

12 thoughts on “So Whats Up?

  1. Glugs is so sweet! He bought you some jewellery and he let you sleep in.

    I’ve recently lost the key to my jewellery draw and have been waking up extra early 🙁

    Okay, waking up early has something to do with spying, but still… xx

  2. BecauseIcan: I missed the first few episodes of season one, and I’m now on episode 10. Its fantastic.


    Malicious Intent: I’ve seen the bullets done but I don’t think I’ve ever done it myself… sometimes it works!

    BBF: I can’t wait to hear about your weekend away.

    Laura: oh how COOL is that!!! I love CT…

    Terri: heh heh…

    Jeanette: I wondered if anyone would hear me…

  3. More gifts from Glugster! You lucky fish!
    I heard you on the radio this afternoon speaking about your cats 🙂

  4. Let's see, what have I been up to…?
    Working. A lot.
    Watching Bones, 24, Grey's Anatomy, ER and Brothers & Sisters on TV.
    Um…. that's about all. Time to get a life, hey?!

  5. Hey you!! How sweet is Glugs!! And crap about the head lights – it sucks!!!

    Nothing MAJOR happening here except I am going to Cape Town in two weeks – so totally freaking exciting 🙂

  6. Hey Buddo,

    Jeepers you have been busy and are busy……..we are going to the coast to RELAX this weekend! Hey maybe you should put yr SPAM control back on cause I am sure nobody wants to watch Natasha NAKED – lol

    Have a great weekend and chat to you on SUNDAY!


  7. I have a lot to post about myself. I have been trying to get to the drug store to get my pictures from this past week on cd, as my media chip thingy on my computer wont work. So I have been holding off. You just gave me a great idea about bullet points…I may end up going that route when I post either tonight or tomorrow.

  8. WOW!!

    Sounds like you have your hands and glugs’s hands and the neighbours hands.. in fact the whole streets hands full there!!!

    Fringe… that is such a brilliant show.. I am hanging to watch the next season!! How far have you seen already??

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