I’m A Mommy Who Works!

Yes I am.

I admit it.

I no longer beat myself up about it.

And I’m one of millions of working moms around the world… moms who work outside the home.

And I found something I like lots!

Have you seen this?

Have you joined up yet?

It’s a virtual Moms’ Group for South African working moms, no matter where in the world they might be.

Do you feel like you’re the only one dropping your kidlets off at school almost before its light? Come and see how other women deal with it.

Battling to balance a sex life and quality time with your children? Come and rant a little and maybe get some usable tips.

Wanna brag about your kidlets achievements? Come and do it here- and post pictures! We’ll all “ooohh” and “aaahh” right along with you.

Do you have an ex that does weekend parenting- or are you an ex with weekend access? Come and talk about it here.

You can blog on your profile, chat, start discussions and post photos! I have started a group for moms raising ADHDers, and you can start a group too if you want to hook up with like-minded individuals.

8 thoughts on “I’m A Mommy Who Works!

  1. I start back to work for the first time since having my baby on fri and I can’t wait.

  2. I’m a working mom, too! And proud of it!!

    If I lived in SA I would totally join that!

  3. This mommy works and it is probably the only thing keeping the kids alive and me sane! lol

  4. Of all things internet, forums are probably the one thing I could never latch on too. I get lost too quickly. Sounds like a cool idea though.

  5. Laura: yay, please feel free to give her my email address as well if she wants to rant or chat some more.
    See you on mommyworx?

  6. That site is super cool! Thanks 🙂

    Met a mom of a child in Kiaras class who has ADHD – he is on meds now – after THREE schools said they couldnt deal with him. He is on straitra(sp) and is apparently doing loads better!

    Definately going to tell her about the seminar!

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