Google, Acronyms, Babies, And A Wedding!

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, but very little of it seems to end up on my blog, so I thought I’d share some in a multifaceted post or six…

I just want to tell you first of all, how much I am simply loving all the user friendly Google stuff! Google Calendar is my new favourite toy. My Glugs and I can now see and share the same calendar- so we no longer have to phone to find out who has what dates free… especially since the two of us have such a hectic schedule! And the bonus is its available offline too- so I can actually see it at work even though I can’t access it via my client’s servers. It’s fargin fantastic!
Blogger is of course Google-owned as well, so lots of their toys interface with each other and they’re really easy to use!

My Glugs and I are currently inside whats known as the 2WW in the TTC* circles.

No worries, I didn’t know what it was either. 2WW stands for 2-week-wait, which is the time between ovulation and the start of your next period, rough two weeks. Inside this time frame, you won’t know whether or not you’re pregnant because simple HPT*s do not register anything yet, and there are no real symptoms yet either. The only “sure” sign, and the earliest one usually, is missing a period. A blood test may show a result, and these are pretty much SOP* if you’re doing IVF* or other treatments. And anyone who has tried on purpose to get preggers, like Glugs and I are, will know how agonisingly long this time frame can seem!!!
I think my Glugs and I setting ourselves a time-limit and only trying till the end of this year is half helping me not to let myself get completely stressed out and worried over our not getting knocked up yet. I know it sounds strange- and I half thought having such a short time in which to achieve something so HUGE would drive me stir crazy with panic- but I know that our thinking about it (consciously and subconsciously) and knowing its only for a short while is helping keep us sane. And we’re remaining positive about the whole thing, and planning things in such a way that we have contingency plans for “What if…” I am SO missing caffeine… and cocktails… and whilst I don’t really miss the cigarettes- having only been a social smoker- I know the occasion will arise at some point where I’m going to want one. And I miss snacking… and Chomps… and Lays plain salted… and bread… but I am working hard to change my eating habits since weight-loss is hugely beneficial for TTC. And focusing on a diet takes your mind off of baby making too!
As for the wedding- no, I’m not talking about mine and Glugs’! So sorry to disappoint you!
Nope. Actually, my cousin is getting married in Durbs-by-da-sea this Saturday, so this week is going to be slightly shorter than usual for us. We’ll be leaving on Friday round lunchtime, after fetching the knucklehead from school. He’s house-sitting by the way- so don’t even get me started on THAT neurotic paranoia mind flip!!!
It’s going to be a lekker weekend with family I haven’t seen in a while, and I’m looking forward to Glugs and I getting away for a bit- even if we will be sharing a big holiday house with the whole famdamily.

Today is also St Patricks Day! Are you wearing green? Are you celebrating it at all? I thought I’d wear some green today, just for fun. And because I usually forget…

*TTC- trying to conceive, HPT- home pregnancy test, SOP- standard operating practice, IVF- invitro fertilisation

14 thoughts on “Google, Acronyms, Babies, And A Wedding!

  1. Wait…I haven’t been gone that long…I’ve missed something haven’t I?

  2. Ahh the 2WW, I am quite versed in such things. Isn’t that the most excruciating thing? Especially when your brain gets so full thinking about not thinking about it? lol. Quite the conundrum! My fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Hehehehe… I can’t keep up with all those initialisms and abbreviations!

    Hope you had a good St Paddy’s Day 😉

  4. acidicice: oy, bovvered or no, it still takes forever! I’ve been good… I’ve had 2 glasses of coke this week (naughty me), but I am losing weight slowly!

    Spear: I reckon I must set up the knucklehead’s stuff for him to use it too!

    Gill: so how was the guinness celebration?

    Tay: its a bitch, hey!!?!?

    Wenchy: ta!

    Husbands Anon: I remember that.

    The Jackson Files: LOL

    Jeanette: a what?

    Louisa: teens do have it easy (well, easier anyway)- usually they’re still eating well, have little or no stress and get lots of exercise!

    PorkStar: I found you on FB?

  5. Teenagers make it look so easy to get preggers huh? Used to be all you needed was a girl person, and a boy person and some good all fashioned fun. Now there’s all these TLAs (Three Letter Abbreviations) involved.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Glugs anyway Angel. Go make a little blogger for us! 😉

  6. Hey!
    Thanks for reading the posts- been catching up on your site- congrats, maybe?
    I know how it feels, too. Although we have the three now, we battled with miscarriages etc for nearly four years. All the best to both of you…

  7. Will be holding thumbs for a positive outcome for you re: the pregnancy thang. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend in Durbs, nice to get away once in a while.

    I’m most definitely in my green today! My hubby’s Great-g-g-g-g-grandfather was Arthur Guinness who started the Guinness brewery, so guess what we will be drinking tonight?? Got to keep the family business afloat you know LOL!!

    I have activated one of the GMail Lab functions – forgotten attachment reminder! – I always forget the attachment! Also love Off-line Calendar, Off-line GMail, Off-line Reader etc. Fascinated by Google Trends.

    Angel & Acidicice – we've been there – everybody says not to stress – very difficult but yes, it helps. We were going for the next step in finding why she's not falling pregnant and she was booked for a laparoscopy. The day before the procedure Lamb got a 'feeling' and did a home pregnancy test. It turned out to be positive. We were so relieved, for if she didn't realise she might be pregnant, the laparoscopy would have flushed our conceptus out!

  9. Also in the 2WW, 11 days to go for me. Am I bovvered? Yes.

    You’re being good. I’m still drinking and eating bad things occasionally. I decided I cannot stop my life because I ‘might’ be pregnant (especially after being disappointed month after month). I hope you manage to stay rational about it and don’t go bonkers like me.


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