I Am A Little Heart Sore…

…even after we had a ball this weekend- and I cheated on all my new resolutions- I drank alcohol, I smoked cigarettes and my diet went right out of the window! I figured that since I knew for sure I wasn’t pregnant, there was no way my indulging would hurt anyone but me.
Seriously bunnies. It feels like we’ve been on the Fertiboost forever, but it hasn’t even been 2 months. And it’s recommended that 3 to 6 months is the ideal… as with any homeopathic or natural supplement. I’ve stopped taking my Zyrtec– which I really battle without because I am allergic to so many plants… so I’m sneezing my head off at the moment… but I’ve switched to a homeopathic thing called “Luffeel”, and it’s also going to take a few months before it starts working properly. It’s safe for pregnancy which is good, and I’m hoping that by the time we fall pregnant it will be working properly (see, I’m being positive). I wish I could take my Zyrtec and the Luffeel at the same time!
Anyhoodle. The reading I’ve been doing lately recommends stopping all prescribed medications, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as soon as you start trying to have a baby. A friend of mine actually said as much at a BlogGirls meet a while ago, but I wasn’t really concerned at the time as I am purely a social drinker and smoker. So that’s what we’re doing now. My Glugs also has cut down on caffeine and sugar. And we’re exercising with the dancing, though I think we could do more.
I feel better today than I did last Friday though. I was technically 2 days late- and whilst I kept telling myself not to get excited there was still a little sliver of hope… which was very spitefully quashed on Friday morning.
And I am getting annoyed with myself because I am jealous of people who are preggers and because when we started on this journey we were determined not to let it get us down as all the fun in trying goes out the window! I’m annoyed at my getting jealous because this has not been as much of a mission for us as it is for people I know, and consider friends of mine.
It sounds lame even when I try and explain it to myself!

11 thoughts on “I Am A Little Heart Sore…

  1. It’s been a while since you made a baby. So as they say…

    And that means not thinking about making a baby, but just having a lot of great sex. Do the right thing with wise and healthy choices in diet and smoking or drinking. But aside from that, go have a blast!
    If you are tense about it all worrying, that will be your greatest obstacle.

    Just look at Glugs as your sex slave. I got a list of great virgin drinks that are fun and healthy too if you want them.

  2. Lo Angel – sorry to hear this is getting you down – I am convinced that it WILL happen and yes I am a tad psychic – just don’t ask me for exact dates. I’ve moved over to Blogger – please list me on your blog – love you – thank you. Mean it. Hehe. : ) xxx

  3. All Bunnies: thank you for being so sweet all you all… I really appreciate all the babydust!

  4. It doesnt make it easier but what you are feeling is normal!

    Its a hard frustrating thing to go through 🙁

    I am sending bucket loads of baby dust though 🙂

  5. Awe angelface! unfortunately i don’t have any advice…not having been in this situation or even one remotely similar. Just know that we don’t think you’re lame, and i think your reaction is pretty normal.

  6. I know the feeling. It’s really hard not to be jealous.
    It has to happen for you guys, it just has to!

  7. Babe, is perfectly natural… you want something, you can’t just buy it off the shelf…. It is normal that you may feel jealous of others who have something you want for yourself.


  8. Even though I can obviously not relate as the very thought of being pregnant scares me right into the arms of celibacy, I do understand the yearning for something that seems to be eluding you cruelly.

    Just hang in there though. It may be a very heartbreaking journey but the rewards at the end are huge.

    The only tips I have in falling pregnant is this:-

    – music, have soft soothing mood music.
    – dont rush it..
    – enjoy it..
    – do it often..
    – keep the legs up lady!
    – do it some more..
    – try not to think of the result, let the result happen..
    – do it some more..
    – feed him some food to keep up his strengh..
    – and do it some more!

    Easy hey? I should write a book i think..

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