On Being A Bad Blogger

I’m here… I’m alive… I’m reading blogs…
And I’m having lots of drama with my precious knucklehead and this morning I could cheerfully have strangled him. He’s working- he found a full day job which I am very pleased about, but its making him VERY tired and grumpy.
My sweet Glugster and I are still merrily TTC and loving it!
We’re still doing a dance lesson once a week and loving that too!
I wish I could stop working… seriously.
I am looking at new cars at last! It’ll still be a couple of months, but I am very excited!
I have- disappointingly- only been given a 15 minute time slot at the ADHASA parenting seminar, and as most people know I could speak for days on the subject- but its a start, and I am really hoping to be a regular speaker.
I’m working on a couple of posts too, so things will be back to normal eventually.

12 thoughts on “On Being A Bad Blogger

  1. Glad to see I am not the only one slacking off in the blog department. How is the knuckleheads job going?

  2. It’s weird to apologise for being too busy in the real world..afterall, it IS the real world..remember?

    Once you dazzle the crowd you will get more air-time…however, the key to public speaking will always remain:
    Be Bright, Be Brief, BE GONE!

  3. Dude, the fact that you still find the comment to time amazes me. You’re a better blogger than I.

    You and Gluggie still make me wanna vom. But awwwww, in a good way.

    Go Demon on getting a job! What’s he doing?

    Love you long time.


  4. You’d make a good speaker. I’m glad things are going great. When you get a moment post a video of you and glugs dancing! It might inspire people to get off their asses and do something fun xx

  5. WOW – Zola is really REALLY happy hey!!! LOL!!

    I am also rediscovering the blog world again, so happy to be back!!!

    damien will learn to cope, he had it good for a long time and didn’t realise what he had right?

  6. I am happy to read that your son have found a full time job. Fewer worries for you πŸ™‚

  7. I am happy to read that your son have found a full time job. Fewer worries for you πŸ™‚

  8. I’m also still trying to find my feet in blogland again…having taken 2 months off I have so much catching up to do and my laptop is still in for repairs!!

  9. Glad you’re Ok. Damien will get used to working full day. Once he sees the money coming in it will be a great motivator as well.

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