Today Is A Kak Day

This might be a little TMI for some people…

Since I stopped taking my birth control pills last July, I have been on a 25 day cycle that’s like clockwork. Once or twice its been 26 days, but thats not major. I’m very lucky that I have a short regular cycle. It makes things a lot easier to keep an eye on when one decides to try and get knocked up.

This month, things changed.

Day one of my cycle was supposed to be last Saturday. Nothing happened. No biggie, like I said I’ve had one or two months where I start on day two so I didn’t get too excited.

But when there was still no sign of my period by the middle of day 4, which was Tuesday, and my boobs were feeling a little tender too, I started getting a wee bit excited. So excited that at my urging my darling Glugster and I decided to do a test this morning- Wednesday- instead of waiting till Saturday, which would have made me a week late.

I bought a home pregnancy test months ago to stash, just in case, to err on the side of positivity and all that, and I bought another one yesterday just in case the one I had was expired or something.

I woke up at 3h30. I’m pretty DAMN sure I dreamt about it all last night too, why the hell else would I wake up so early!!?!? I tried to go back to sleep and dozed a little, and then woke Glugs up at 5h00, poor dude.

I decided to use the whole collect-a-sample-and-dip-the-stick rather than take the chance of not being able to pee on it for the required 5 seconds.

And lemme tell you- I was impressed with my own self at the control I have over my pelvic floor muscles!

So I dip the stick for 5 seconds and we wait.

One stripe.

We wait some more.


I even held it up to the light to make sure it wasn’t just really faint.

Fuck all.

So we went back to sleep.

When my alarm went off again at 5h45 and I went to wake the knucklehead up, I went to the loo again because that’s my routine, and as true as nuts I was pink!

It’s like some cruel fucking joke. Like telling someone they’ve won a car and when they’re about to leave to fetch the keys you tell them you were joking.

I am so heart sore this morning.

…come play on my rollercoaster…

30 thoughts on “Today Is A Kak Day

  1. Hi Angel,

    You may not believe me but thats EXACTLY what happened with me last month. I was 4 days late and I could not wait so I took a test and it was negative and the next day I woke up and I had started! I was so upset!

  2. Aw, bummer girl. Keep the faith; everything happens when it is supposed to (ja, I’m a firm believer in Fate and the Universe). And I’m sure you know this but… well we all know someone who tried and tried, and just when they gave up, and stopped worrying about it, Hey Presto! they fell pregnant. So hang in there and Don’t Stress OK?

  3. Hey lady…I hope things are getting better a few days on. We’re still praying for you guys! *hugs*

  4. i’m sorry…
    i have known your pain and all i can tell you is that when the double stripes appear…this disapointment will be faint

    keep on trying..and smiling..and’s worth it all

  5. Ah shit! It is like the saying – you want chocolate? you can’t have it!

    I’m sorry sweetie,I hope and pray it’ll happen for you both soon.


  6. That just sucks! I know that feeling of excitement one second just to be so disappointed the next.

  7. It WILL happen my friend…….I am so sorry that it hasn’t happened yet but it WILL happen! I love you and have been missing you so much – funny I was also having a KAK day yesterday and that even before I saw your blog post!


  8. Aw my Sis, I’m so sorry. I was really hopeful wehn you sent me the sms… carefully excited as I said later, not wanting to get too excited – much like you I imagine.

    I know you and Glugs will have success – don’t loose hope, don’t loose heart. I believe it will happen, and that’s a powerful belief you know!

    I love you SO much. And I can’t wait to be an Aunty again.


  9. You read me like a book and you KNOW I feel for you! Feel this … ::hug:: … cause I mean it! Chin up! You are a strong girl! You can do it!

  10. Lots of hugs your way. I had a negative test two weeks before I found out about Ian. So fingers crossed that you a not pregnant enough for 2 lines.

  11. So sorry to hear it Angel!

    I sent you a mail about something that might interest you!

  12. How crap!

    hoping the day gets much better from here on. Sending you big hugs!

  13. Aw you poor thing! But, just remember that you have done this before it’s just a matter of time so I’m holding thumbs for you that it’s soon.

  14. awww…man. i am heart sore for you too. sending loads of love and hugs.

  15. Oh Crumbs….I am so sorry to hear about that. Talk about Murphy and evil Girlfriend Karma…

    Don’t stress – it will happen…. you’ll see 🙂

  16. Urgh, that is just the most awful feeling. Happened to me twice. Talk about dangling a carrot. You need something to take your mind off it.

    I am holding thumbs for you!! *hugs*

  17. Super Duper Big Hugs for you both..

    It will happen soon.. I am sure of it.

  18. Aw hon, what a terrible way to start your day 🙁 I still have my finger's crossed tightly for you & Glugs!

  19. Sounds like you’re not having a nice day at all. Good luck for the rest of the day!

    I am sorry to hear that the test did not show positive results.

  20. Aww – I’m sorry Angel. I can’t imagine the frustration and sadness. I hope your day gets better! ox

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