Send Good Vibes…

One of my oldest blog friends,

is in hospital after several strokes.

The first one happened on Saturday and he’s had a couple more since then.
He’s recovering, and one of his regular readers managed to get in touch with his brother and is keeping us updated via the comments section on his last post… He’s had a really rough time, moved between hospitals and in and out of ICU. He’s responding to questions with hand squeezes and is recognising people, and he hasn’t had another episode… but the swelling is still bad, and thats a concern.
My heart just aches for him and his wonderful family.

WW is a blogger I not only enjoy reading, but a blogger I consider a friend of mine. He’s a nutcase, he’s funny, he’s intelligent and he’s a wonderful father, and i
f you get a chance, would you pop over there and send him some blog-love to wish him a speedy recovery. I would dearly like to have WW back to full health and back in the blogosphere as soon as possible.

Miss you WW, get better and get back here!!!

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