Bad Bloggiquette…?

I’m curious.

It seems a lot of people lurk on a blog, often for months before they comment on what they’re reading.
I’ve never done that… I comment on just about everything I read, even if its the first time I visit you! I’ve never been a lurker, and until people started posting “Please Announce Yourself And De-Lurk” posts (which I’ve also done a couple of), it never occurred to me not to comment.
I also can’t only read the most recent post. I visit a lot of blogs, and usually I do so once a week- and then I go back in the archives and read everything I’ve missed… I simply hate not knowing!

What’re the rules? What’s the etiquette in the blogosphere?
Are you supposed to lurk for a while before diving in and giving your two cents on everything you read?

22 thoughts on “Bad Bloggiquette…?

  1. I would appreciate it if the 23 or so readers who actually take the time to visit my blog would leave a comment. I mostly leave comments and specifically leave comments for those who comment to me.

    Lurking = bad in my book!

  2. Wow allbunnies! This post got me a whole new bunch of de-lurkers, which was not my intention at all but is nonetheless awesome!!! I was simply curious as to what prompts people to comment on the blog posts they read, especially since I comment on pretty much everything… being the comment slut I am I have to make everything about me!!!
    And welcome Helen, anette, Mellisoo and BiancaW!!!

    Brigitte: I must admit that I wish the people who visit me would comment- especially when they search for ADHD poetry or something very specific.

    Jeanette: I get it. I must be honest, I very seldom read a post without saying something (’coz everything’s all about me dontchaknow)… 😛

    Mel: oh yes- me too! Then I wonder, of course, whether my writing really is as good as I think it is!

    Tay: that’s when I stick in a smiley face… teehee

    Panni: Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa

    supermom and Goblin: I am so glad you like my weekly visit! 😀

    Marcelle: I LOVE my comments, I’m a self-confessed comment slut!

    sleepyjane: teehee… I sometimes feel I must be reading blogs with blinkers on because I don’t notice if there’re cliques or something and I barrel on regardless!

    Helen: well hello de-lurker, and thank you!!! comment away- like my comment screen says, tell me what you’ve dreamt about if you haven’t anything else to say!

    Simply-Mel: aw thanx!

    Gill: ah, you see- I don’t necessarily think to see if I’ll be coming back or not before I comment! And LOL @ FOMS- that’s so me!!! Feed readers drive me nuts because they can read without coming to my blog to comment!

    annette: hellooooo! I am so glad you’ll comment more often!

    Charmskool: you know, I used to comment back on every single comment- like I have here… but I stopped doing it for some reason.

    Tamara: absolutely!

    Melisoo: hellooooo! Fire away!!!

    Wenchy and JaneW: and I love it when you do! Having met you IRL, I love seeing you’ve been here!

    Janine: its one of my made-up words… :”)

    BiancaW: hellooooo!!! There’s no offense taken at all! 😉

  3. Hey there – I have dropping by your blog for a while, but since I have very little to add, I generally just see how you are doing and leave it at that. Do not mean to offend.

  4. Not sure what the blogiquette is, but I sometimes drop by blogs without saying anything because I have nothing to add to the conversation.

  5. As I have said I read and respond when I can and want to.

    I love comments on my blog, but don’t need or expect them.

    For me it’s about free will and just because someone hasn’t commented doesn’t mean you haven’t touched them in some way.

    I try to respond to comments I receive, but again I don’t always have the time or opportunity to.

  6. Ya know I don’t like lurkers.. I wouldn’t sit in a conversation without saying hello at least… I feel the same about blogging.

  7. Hi, my name’s Mellisoo and I’ve been reading your blog 🙂

    I’m out of the silent reader closet – and now that I know about the comment obsession I shall bore you with endless comments and recollections of my dreams… :p

  8. I’m a loud mouth… If I can’t comment when I feel like it I don’t see the point of reading blogs. The whole point to me (aside the fact that blogging is my therapy and I learn a lot from the folks I read) is interaction!

  9. I have literally thousands of lurkers on my blog but few comments. I like to comment when I have something to say but tend to comment more on blogs where the blogger responds to or acknowledges the comments. Kinda like a bloggy thankyou note.

  10. I read your blog regurlarly, but I must confess I have never commented before. It’s not intentional, it’s just that I don’t always feel I have something relevant to say or add. But I do love your blog and will comment more often

  11. I sometimes lurk for a couple of weeks to get the feel of a blog and decide if I want to become a regular reader. Once I read a blog regularly I make a point of commenting regularly too – IMO it’s just plain good manners. But I confess I don’t comment on every post – it’s a matter of not having the time to do so… Like you, I always go back and catch up on blog posts I missed – I suffer terribly from FOMS – fear of missing something 😉

    The long-time lurkers do bug me a bit. I have quite a lot of feed subscribers, but I get hardly any comments – how does that work?? If you care enough to subscribe to the feed, surely you can take the time to comment occasionally??

  12. YOu, Angel girl, are every bloggers dream! I feel privileged to have you amongst my readers. You read it all and comment on it all. Thanks!!

    For me, I dont generally comment on blogs I am perusing, however once I become a regular visitor I do always introduce myself and then generally comment at least 2-3 per week.

    I think if you are following someone on a semi-regular basis its the right thing to do.

  13. I read a few blogs every day (including yours), I just don't comment very often (at all). I get nervous (pathetic I know) & stress because I have convinced myself that no-one really gives a crap what I think. There you have it. I do love your blog though, & will comment every now & then 🙂

  14. I have no rule about lurking or not lurking. Most of the time I only leave a comment if I have something relevant to say. Or not too offensive anyway.

    I love getting your once a week visits though 😉

  15. I read all the blogs in my reader (including you) every day. I just don’t always have something to say.

    When I start reading a new blog, I comment immediately. But if I comment for weeks on end and never receive any feedback I stop commenting as often. It also happens that there are certain cliques around some blogs and then I feel more left out (childish but true) and that my opinion doesn’t matter. So then I lurk.

    So yeah. I guess what I’m saying is that I lurk. But only if I don’t feel 100% welcome.

  16. I always comment on the blogs I read…as only read blogs on my blogging list – have enough to keep me busy I dont go out looking for more.

    I have no idea how this works, but lets be honest its a great feeling receiving a comment from readers…I enjoy that as well.

  17. I normally ‘introduce’ myself if it’s my first visit. I probably comment 80 % of the time. I feel it’s just the proper thing to do.

    I love how you always go back and read my old posts 🙂 Sommer feel loved

  18. I am the same as Jeanette. Comment if I have something to say otherwise rather just shut up, before sounding dumb. (Like now!)

  19. Although I read my favourite blogs everyday, I might not always comment. Bad habit perhaps, but sometimes one might simply have nothing of substance to add 🙂

  20. If I look at my stats and look at my comments, I have hundreds of lurkers. I don’t mind but sometimes I write a good post, one I know is thought provoking or powerful and only 5 people say something and I think, Damn…say what you think Dudes!

  21. I often don’t comment on blog posts because I really have nothing to say.
    But, I don’t lurk on blogs, if that makes sense. I comment on all the blogs I read… just not on every post.

  22. It doesn’t bug me either way – I am just so thrilled when I do get comments, like “you read my blog!!” awesome! I am not worthy…

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