I Wanna Win!!

This is my entry to win an autographed set of Elizabeth Pantley’s no-cry solution books!

Here’s a short excerpt from the nap solution:
Cycle-Blender Naps
One way to help your baby sleep longer is to put him for a nap in a setting that will lull him back to sleep when he wakes between sleep cycles. Cycle-Blender naps occur in slings, cradle-swings, rocking cradles, or baby hammocks. Any of these can help cat-nappers extend their sleep time because when Baby begins to awaken the rhythmic motion can lull him back to sleep.

And this is what I found on her website:

Elizabeth Pantley’s books for parents are as close to a user’s manual as there is. The “No-Cry” books offer remarkably clear and practical advice. This latest book in the series addresses an issue we have all faced and many struggled with: helping our children to nap.
Easy naptime solutions that really work–without any tears.
Kathy Lynn, President, Parenting Today
Naps: Children need them. Parents want them. Here are the tools to make them happen. Maureen A. Doolan Boyle, Executive Director, MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc.
Does your child:
nap only in your arms, a sling, a swing, or the car? require elaborate rituals before sleeping? get fussy, act cranky, or have tantrums due to lack of sleep? take very short naps–or none at all?
Naps are important to a child’s mood, well-being, and development. The No-Cry Nap Solution offers you a proven formula to allow your baby, toddler, or preschooler to get daily restorative rest. You’ll learn gentle, loving, tear-free techniques, developed by world-renowned parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley and tested by hundreds of families around the world, guaranteed to help you:
Convince any child to nap every day Effortlessly settle your child for naptime in his or her own bed Turn short, fitful naps into long, peaceful ones Establish a nap schedule that works for you and your child Easily adapt nap routines to your child’s developing needs Confidently deal with sudden changes, nap strikes, and travel

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6 Responses to I Wanna Win!!

  1. angel says:

    Brigitte: the knucklehead didn’t sleep in the day…

    lulu: ta!

    arkwife: I think you may be able to buy them from Elizabeth (click on her link)…

    Spear: they look good don’t they? And its a pleasure!

    Melanie: hellooo Melanie!! Thanx for saying howdy.

  2. Melanie says:

    came accross your blog from Amandas, my sister has the Yaris, and it is really nice, it is also fuel effiecient, but i LOOOOOOOOVE the ford focus.

  3. Spear says:

    I’m gonna hafta get some too. Thank you so much for the award! I’ve been away for a bit, so that is why you haven’t heard from me.

  4. arkwife says:

    Ooooo, I want some too! They look like awesome books. Where can I buy them?

  5. lulu says:

    Good Luck I hope you do win!!!

  6. Brigitte says:

    Why couldn’t these books have been published when Donny was small. He NEVER slept!!!