Life’s A Meme And Then You Tag!

ExMi tagged me– AGES ago- to do a list of 5 things I love about being a mom… as part of a meme tour around the world in 80 clicks!

So far the countries covered include– amongst others- India, South Africa, America, Panama, the USA, France, Canada and Spain! I was also found by another mom, Johnna, who has very kindly linked me in her post!

This has taken some doing. And yes, I know that sounds bad- but as my darling boy gets older, it seems to get harder to think of things to list like this. He had lots and lots of cute antics as a little boy… but he’s outgrown most of his cuteness.

So here’s my hard won list of 5.

  1. Pride. My heart wants to burst when someone tells me my son is a good kid. I often wanted to stand up and yell “THAT’S MY BOY!!” when he competed in his gymnastics tournaments. And I know every mother is biased in her child’s favour- but when someone tells me how smart they think my kid is or how gorgeous he is, I could just crow with happiness!
  2. Love. Boundless and immeasurable. His for me and mine for him. Spontaneous hugs, few and far between now- but I still get them occasionally. Joking around with me when we talk. Lying on the couch and squishing his feet in behind my bum was his favourite way to watch TV when he was little.
  3. Learning humility. This happens to me fairly regularly… its a lesson I learn over and over again, and one that I take with me into the rest of my world each time I learn it.
  4. Appreciation. I love how my knucklehead has opened my eyes in so many ways. To appreciate how beautiful a sunset or a sunrise can be. To appreciate every good day for exactly what it is. To appreciate the intricate beauty of a dung beetle.
  5. Wanting to do it all again, despite the rollercoaster ride its been so far…

And of course, in keeping with memetics SOP, I will tag Pat in the USA, as a twisted way of saying I’m sorry I haven’t visited her more. I’ll tag Polgara, in the UK, because we all know how much free time one has with a new baby. And I’ll tag Tracy, also in the USA, because she can never blog enough.

And you must please include this link for tracking purposes, even though it’s been a long time since this tour was started!

…come play on my rollercoaster…

6 thoughts on “Life’s A Meme And Then You Tag!

  1. Tay: 😀 and its so true!

    Husbands Anonymous: I still can't get over it sometimes!

    Her Bad Mother: It took me a while, but it was very cool to do.

    Phats: Done!

    acidicice: Just you wait, when you're a mommy again (sounds really weird, but you know what I mean, hey?), I'm going to tag you for every mommy-type meme that comes along!

  2. I never knew the Knucklehead did gymnastics! Very cool!

    Can’t do this meme tho.

  3. Ah, humility. EXCELLENT point, totally. Children do make us humble, and prideful, beyond imagining. Funny 😉

    Thanks so much for participating!

  4. Thank goodness for number 5. Weird, hey? Despite all the challenges, fears, self-destruction, insecurity and tears, it is, in some warped way, wonderful.

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