Planning Our Wedding!!!

I am indeed!
We’re working on a guestlist, we’ve set a budget, and we’ve started looking at venues.
My mom thinks its hysterical that I am starting to plan our wedding before Glugs and I are even engaged, but I’ve never exactly stuck to the traditional sequence of things have I…?
We know we want to get married and we will be getting engaged, but I don’t want to wait till we only have a few months before we start planning.
We’ve even chosen a colour scheme!
How exquisite is this!!??!?


The wedding expo we went to was so much fun! I actually suprised myself with the dresses that made me gasp when they were on the catwalk… not exactly what I thought I would like for myself. These designs belong to Ricca Dee and F.Wilson.

There were several tables at the expo decorated with a particular theme, and there were cakes and flowers as well as gowns on display! There were companies who specialise in organising honeymoons, there were boudoir photography demonstrations, fashion shows for the designers, jewellery makers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stationery designers and companies who organise music.
We also looked at the expo venue as a possible venue for us- but I was unimpressed by the gardens and I think its too small for us- though their reception hall is lovely.
We have since visited 3 other venues, and we’ve decided on a rating scale for them!
Diep in die Berg scored a 6/10- I think its too small, I don’t like the stairs to the chapel, the gardens not as nice as I’d like and the chapel isn’t very pretty.
River Meadow Manor scored 8- its stunning but may be too small.
Her Majesty’s scored 7 (big, great hall, but a little too rustic for us) and Villa Tuscana a 2. Why a 2? Their fake rock look and over the top kitsch style was just too much…
We have appointments to see 3 more by early July.

My darling Glugster also bought me the Bride’s Diary, which is a handy and attractive hardcover reference for everything you could need- as well as making a nice keepsake. Its already stuffed full of cards and pamphlets!

Oh, and the date we’ve chosen? Will only be announced closer to the time.

Ooh I am SO excited!!!

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  1. OOh Angel….

    I am so excited for you…

    Have fun planning your wedding. IT is the best time ever….

  2. Whooohooo, can you actually believe it!
    Just one little question… if he is so keen too, why on earth hasn't he asked you yet? brides diary but no proposal? Kom seun, buk af en sit op jou kniee en vra die groot vraag!!!

  3. Dyna Girl, Bobbi Janay, Laura, Gill, Wenchy, Louisa, Phillygirl, Panni, po & Muriel (Wipneus): thank you!
    I’m loving it, and I am very excited indeed.
    I just had to put a picture of the colour scheme up because so many people just couldn’t imagine the red and purple together.
    My MIL to be is one of those with raised eyebrows…

    Jeanette: there are not nearly as many wedding expos as I would like there to be- and I missed the big one that was on at the Dome this year in April…

    Mark Eames: thanx dude!

    cybersass: why thank you!

    Brigitte: ag my sis, you’re so sweet!

    Marcelle: it is a slightly unusual combination, I think because it isn’t something that is imagined together at all… I wear it occasionally and someone always comments on it.
    I have no idea what type of dress I’m going for yet, I have always loved the tutu style though…

    Simply-Mel: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa… I’m also lank stoked!

    The Jackson Files: I’ll have to keep you all guessing until I ask for postal addresses!

    acidicice: ta muchly!

    Mellisoo: I’m looking forward to the sampling, and we’re enjoying the schmoozing from venue organisers!

    Natalie: thank you so much, that’s very flattering!

    Colleen: *giggle*
    Its very busy, so it must appeal to a lot of people, but the murals and boundless garden sculptures made me giggle!

    Ruby: don’t feel lonely- a lot of people can’t picture it together. And you’re more than welcome to hire me in future…

    Allan: at one time, I thought I may want to go to Vegas and get married in a different chapel every day for a week!

    Maggiie: *teehee*… haven’t decided on the cake yet.

    Malicious Intent: I love that mansion, truly exquisite!
    Funny enough, my biggest hiccup with the wedding planning is the brides’ mothers! They seem to think I’m muscling in on their territory!
    And I’ve turned a few things on their heads because we’re not actually engaged yet and I’m already actively planning our wedding. A few raised eyebrows from the older generation… but WTH, eh?

    Phats: I think the knucklehead will be in a suit of some sort…

    BecauseIcan: Yay!

  4. I totally LOVE the colours you have chosen!

    AM dying to see the dress design that you settle on.. Can only be totally Daring and Fabulous!

    Will be keeping a keen eye on your blog to see more about this GAWJISS event!

  5. haha awesome!! Is damien going to wear a tux? You could do what we did eloped in Jamaica with our families there.

    Good luck with everything

  6. Congratualtions on the pending engagement and an awesome color scheme.

    Come on over to my house and check out Bellevue Hall an Old DuPont Estate…lovely grounds and gorgeous mansion. WE just had our volunteer dinner there. Was an estate with horse stables and the works. Lots of weddings there.

    Weddings are fun, I use to be a wedding organizer….but the brides annoyed me! lol. I did my own wedding, but after all the large events I did, it was literally a piece of cake and I knew I wanted it simple but elegant and intimate. We kept it to between 80 and 90 folks.

    So much fun, so happy for you. Make up your own traditions as you go. There are so many options out there these days that really anything goes. Do what makes your heart sing!

  7. LOVE the red and purple.Glad you're having such a good time. Is the 'cake' going to be a three-tierred cascade of red and purple cupcakes?

  8. Here in the USA we have drive-thru wedding kiosks and chapels staffed by Elvis impersonators…not recommended.

  9. oh wow!!! I have to admit, when you said red and purple on Twitter i was going.."Say whaaaat???" but now that i've looked at those pics i can totally imagine how fantasticly gorgeous those two colours can be together! I'm sooo super excited for you guys:) I'll remember to get advice from you one day when my big day is looming:)

  10. Oooh, how exciting! I am sure it is going to be a fantastic wedding with your taste and organisational skills! The red and purple looks stunning!x

  11. Very, Very Exciting stuffs 🙂

    Purple & Red are my fav colours!

    My favorite part of the wedding planning experience – is sampling cake and food from the different caterers 🙂

    Oooh! And looking for nice decor ideas!

    Have lots of fun! and good luck on the Venue hunt 🙂

  12. Lank exciting (did I just give my age away?)

    Man, I wish I could do it all over again – I would totally love that wedding dress on the top right….*drool*.

    Enjoy every minute of the planning. I swear its often more fun than the day itself! Altho I am pretty sure your wedding day will kick some ass…the colour scheme is wicked!

  13. I have never seen red and purple together and must say I think its FANTASTIC…so different and strong in color…I really like, good choice.

    Love the dresses, all different as well…would love to know which one would suit you the most…do you like showing leg or not???

    Its so exciting getting married…I cant wait to read all about your plans in your blog as you get closer to the big day.

  14. Love the colour scheme! I always knew that there would be red somewhere in your colour scheme, and I am crazy about the red and purple combo. It's very striking and you can do SO much with it!!

    I know you never thought the day would come that you were planning your own wedding – but I did, I never doubted it would. I am so happy for you that I am almost bursting at the seems!!
    I will have to wear ALL waterproof and smudge proof make-up on that day…
    AND there will definitely be one photo of just you and me!! We will make sure of it. LOL!!!!
    You deserve it ALL my sis – and more!!!

  15. How exciting for you both 🙂 And I love the colours! Hope you find your 10 outta 10 venue!

  16. oh i am sooooo excited for you. red and purple are two of my favorite colors – especially together.
    you and glugster are such a fairy tale – i'm looking forward to meeting him at the bg birthday gathering.

  17. Awesome! Congrats guys!

    I've never heard of any of the venue's you have mentioned but I loves the pics of the colour scheme you have chosen.

    So much fun!!

  18. That colour theme is STUNNING! Love it!!!!

    And those dresses are also all lovely!

    Have to agree on the last one – it is too commercial!

    Wedding planning is HUGE fun!

  19. How exciting, I remember the feeling of planning your wedding it is so much fun.

  20. Damn, can't believe I missed an expo! I need to start going to those.
    That Villa place looks a little OTT to me too. Love the Red and Purple!

  21. Damn, can't believe I missed an expo! I need to start going to those.
    That Villa place looks a little OTT to me too. Love the Red and Purple!

  22. I a so excited for you. You found such a wonderful partner and the planning appears to be FUUUUUUUN!

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