Angel’s Mind Is In Process!!!

Guess what bunnies!

I am having a blog template designed specially for me by the genius who is @merylpixelmagic!!

My darling Glugster bought for me, and though I’ve had it a couple of months already- I am only now getting my arse in gear and making it my own for real.

I am amazed in that I simply gave Meryl from pixelmagic a list of things that I think are me- strawberries, cupcakes, dragons, ADHD… and told her to do what she could.
Lemme tell you- she outdid herself!

This is, I think, pretty much what its going to look like. Isn’t it fantastic!?!??! Whaddayathink?

The part thats making me nervous though, is the need to switch to WordPress after more than four years with Blogger. I have to switch to WP to get the functionality I want, and its where Meryl does her work too.

I am going to be a little sad to move my main interweb home off of blogger- though I’ll still be there as my other blogs aren’t going anywhere. And of course I am terrified of losing what I’ve done there for the last 4 years… but thankfully my Glugster is very clever when it comes to stuff like this and he can help me make sure my stuff is all properly backed up and all that. And of course links will have to change…

And Meryl also does Twitter pages, which is next on my list!

20 thoughts on “Angel’s Mind Is In Process!!!

  1. want. to. see. more. wedding. planning. stuff.


  2. That looks so sweet! Launch now!!! I know I'm worried about switching from my love on Typepad …

  3. SWEET! Looks like you'll have anything an Angel could want for blogging and all that.

    Hey, I just bought a Flikr account. Nothing yet, but it's worth the money. I think.

  4. It's so ALIVE! It jumps off the screen.

    I hopped over to WP a few years ago when Blogger was glitch ridden angst inducing f*cking nightmare..but I haven't had any problems for a while.

    It's too bad that you have to move over but a lot of people prefer it. As long as we can find you it doesn't matter where you go.

  5. VERY cool! I can't justify the monthly cost for my own domain in my head, although it would be SO cool…plus…I would probably have to do the design myself…and I'm not sure I could!

    Can't wait till you go over!

  6. It is weird the way we form emotional relationships with servers. I felt guilty leaving blogdrive behind after four years, but then blogger won me over…

  7. I like the layout… but Im sad to say I hate WP. 🙁 … Ill still come by though!

  8. Very groovy. I ? it!
    And you'll love wordpress. I made the move from blogger two years ago and I have not regretted it.

  9. I think the new layout looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it when it is finish and do not be nervous about the move, you will get use to it.

  10. My oath that's stunning!! WP takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few weeks you'll wish you'd have moved sooner

  11. Sweet! Remember the old days , before Blogger 'Beta'? Things keep on changing!

  12. Looks awesome. Very you 🙂

    Don't be nervous about the move over, you'll get used to it in no time!

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