Wow… I Am Betrothed…

No- we’re not engaged yet- we’re betrothed.
Thats what they call it when the groom-to-be and the brides family agree to a match.
My darling Glugster and I took my folks out to lunch yesterday. We were originally planning to go to “Browns of Rivonia” (because I love the place) but because my daddy darling’s diet is so severely limited, we opted for an easier option and went to Montecasino for the afternoon instead.
We had lunch at John Dory’s, and then strolled through the bird park, did a little gambling… which I really cannot develop a taste for (and where Glugs laughed at me again for hitting the cash-out button so quickly), browsed through the shops at Monte and just had a lekker afternoon.
Glugs asked my folks just after lunch if he could have their blessing to marry me, and even though my dad had said he would say- no just for fun- he didn’t.
So now all I have to wait for is the ring to be finished and for Glugs to decide how he wants to ask me.
He’s very relieved to have my folks’ blessing. He was a little embarrassed when I started telling my folks about our wedding plans and he hadn’t asked them if he may marry me yet… Of course that hadn’t even occurred to me! I just barrelled on ahead.

And on Saturday morning- after we went to see another venue- we went to the jeweller who is making my ring. She can talk the hind leg off a donkey, but the ring is now in-process. We already had the design and Glugs had narrowed his choice down to 2 stones, and we were there merely to finalise the design and make sure we were all on the same page and for Glugs to choose a stone. But it made us late for the rest of the day and we arrived at BlogGirls well over an hour late!

I’ll post about the rest of the weekend a little later.

I’m going to spend today working and trying not to be too distracted by wedding planning ideas!

20 thoughts on “Wow… I Am Betrothed…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! sorry i'm only commenting now, but i've been off the interwebs this wee. i'm so happy for you and i can't wait to see the ring – the glugster obviously has very good taste! =)

  2. Phillygirl, Gillian, sleepyjane, Panni, Wenchy: thank you!

    SheBee: aaaaw… you’re so sweet!

    Louisa: oh I have no doubt!

    Jeanette: he is very proper indeed!

    Mellisoo: why thank you so much! And if concentrating now is hard, I’m going to have to take a week off so I can admire my ring when he proposes!

    The Jackson Files: ~~teehee~~

    Malicious Intent: LOVE that idea!

    lulu: xxx

    Darla: thank you! and sadly no… we’re simply continuing with our lives as we would have even if we weren’t trying to get knocked up.

    acidicice: well… since I have such good taste… 😛

    Tamara: me either!

    Mel: ooer… what did your hubby do?

    Laura: innit just!

  3. This is all so very exciting my friend!

    I think personalised rings are PERFECT!!!

  4. All very exciting! Poor chap has a bit of proposal pressure though. Best he asks another girl what to do, maybe your sis or your mama. He should NOT ask my husband.

  5. Congrats on your betrothal (now there's something I have never typed before)!

    Can't wait for the next bit 😉

  6. 🙂 Many congratulations! I CANNOT WAIT to see the ring! I'm pretty sure it will be exceptional!

  7. Sweet! Betrothed!! 🙂 and next you'll mention you're hiding a bun in the oven won't you??

  8. Whoo hoo, this is the sweetest post! Thanks for sharing and congratubetrothedness!!


  9. All very exciting 🙂

    I think you're going to find it hard to concentrate on work for a while 🙂

    Was lovely to meet your glugster on Saturday, you two are so cute together 🙂

  10. That is so sweet… 🙂 I hope he comes up with something really dazzling to ask you, but knowing Glugs he's probably got a whole bag full of ideas already.

  11. Oh my wordddd 🙂 this is just so exciting. I couldn't think of two better people to end off like this 🙂

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