Well, we will be!
My Glugs and I are going to our house on the game farm again this weekend. The knucklehead has opted to stay home and will look after our furbabies, so Glugs and I will have our second weekend away ALONE together!
We’ll be spending our time sleeping and erm… reading *coff*, and maybe doing a game drive or two- since we have our own gamedrive vehicle and all that (thats how spoilt I am).
And of course I’ll be taking all my wedding planning goodies with me.
I also have my new WP layout to work on! Meryl has finished the layout coding, and has emailed it to my Glugs (my live-in IT genius) and now we just have to do the add-ons like widgets and such. I am really hoping that Angels Mind will be up and running completely by the end of July at the latest. I’m feeling a little sad about leaving Blogger, but there’s definitely more functionality on WP… I’ll let you all know when I switch of course, and this blog link will remain active so people will be able to find me.
Leaving the knucklehead home alone for the weekend makes me very nervous of course, especially now he has a girlfriend. I have regular nightmares about him knocking a girl up because he doesn’t stop and think. I mean, who does right? His impulsivity and lack of thinking-things-through really does worry me…
I also have several blog posts I want to work on this weekend. I always have about 20 in draft status, and there are a few that are almost complete…
We don’t have a fabulous signal up there though, so I dunno how much we’ll be around on the interweb this weekend.
I am looking forward to it immensely!

16 thoughts on “Away…

  1. Laura: we do have some signal, but its intermittent and not very strong… and its wonderfully quiet.

    Lulu, Sally and Jeanette: thank you!

    Louisa: 😀

    Panni: I get that a loy… ;P

    Brigitte: so glad you like it!

    Acidicice: heh heh… I dunno what you’d find if you popped in!

    Meryl: teehee, the end of July came a lot sooner! You’re welcome to mail me anything you think I might like!

    Gen: thank thank thank you!

    Faerie: ta!

    Jackie: me too, on both counts!

    Hardspear: I can imagine!

    SheBee: aw thanx sweetie!

    Lopz: 😀

  2. Oh my. The finished product is simply DIVINE! Well done to Meryl, Angel and Gluggie for a job well done 🙂

  3. Glad you like the design (and thanks for the compliment, Brigitte! :)) End of July shouldn’t be a problem … I’ve also got a bunch of widgets and other goodies I think you’ll love 🙂
    Drop me a line when you get a chance )or get your brilliant man to) and I’ll email them to you

  4. Oh my! You must enjoy your weekend babe! Sounds like heaven!

    I would offer to pop in unexpectedly on the Knucklehead…but I'm too far away ;o)

  5. Your new WP design is STUNNING!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend away – love you lots!!!

  6. I'm totally jealous of your chance to get away for a weekend. Enjoy! And don't worry too much about the interwebs and us lot – you know we'll all be here when you get back.

  7. I am VERY green :O) Would LOVE to be getting away where there is no signal, no kids, no noise – just me, the sounds of the birds and CALM!!

    ENJOY it my friend!

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