This One Time, At Kamonande…

I saw stars.


No man.


Not like that!


I literally saw stars.

On the Saturday night of our most recent visit to Kamonande, we went on a night game drive. We have a massive spotlight that we use to try and spot animals at night by their eye-shine. It always amazes me when we drive like this that the animals seem not at all bothered by the bright light.


We drove up a hill we hadn’t been up before, and whilst looking out my side window I noticed that the stars were particularly clear. Then when we stopped at the top of the hill, my Glugs said I should look up.

Bunnies, it took my breath away!

There was no moon, and I could actually see the Milky Way! AND there were two shooting stars! I actually cried! It was incredible, and very likely a sight that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I’ve never seen stars like that before.


…come play on my rollercoaster…

10 thoughts on “This One Time, At Kamonande…

  1. I know what u mean – we had one really clear night on a game farm on our recent holiday in SA and yep, saw all the stars and the milky way, and a shooting star too.. it was spectacular. I’m with you, girl 🙂

    btw yes it’s me. Like my new look? Come check out my new place xx

  2. This is what made me fall in love with the bush – the stars! The endless number of stars!

    Sheer beauty

  3. Wow. You are very lucky to have seen something like that.
    Love your new website btw…

  4. the stars, when you’re away from the city, are fucking incredible. i saw the milky way too when i was in the midlands this weekend – so many many many stars!!

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