The Weekend That Was!

What a total blast!

On Friday night we had a social at the studio where Glugs and I dance every week. They had several dances done by people who either teach or have been taking lessons forever- what they call showcases- to show what these dances can look like. It’s highly entertaining! And since we’ve volunteered to dance a Foxtrot showcase at the next social, it was also very intimidating. I made margarita cupcakes, and I actually mingled a little at the social too, sharing my cupcakes- very unlike me.


We danced lots and gave ourselves quite a workout!

My mommy and daddy darling joined us for the evening, to get out of the house a bit, and it turned into a bit of a sad evening for them. My daddy darling is not a fan of noise at all as his hearing is not fantastic, and because he’s diabetic his circulation is dreadful- so he gets cold very easily! When they left, my mom and I thought daddy darling was annoyed with the people and the noise, and I thought no more of it. But mommy darling realised a little later that watching us dance, and watching the dancers, had made it clear to them- subconsciously at first- that a big part of their lives together is gone forever. My folks have always loved music and dancing, and with my daddy darling’s health issues, it’s not possible for them to indulge in it anymore. My daddy darling’s balance is a problem too, so dancing is not something they’ll be able to indulge in again. It made me very heart sore when my mommy darling shared it with us.

On Saturday morning, Glugs and I went to see another wedding venue. This one scored an 8.5 out of 10 on our rating scale. The only damper for me being that it was used recently by a friend.

Afterwards we went to find some breakfast, and bumped into Doodles of a Journo (and her hubby) and Rubyletters! In a mall in Centurion of all places! It was very cool and we played catch-up briefly before parting ways again.

Glugs and I then headed for a “permanent bridal expo” in Menlyn, and collected business cards and pamphlets- and I got a stunning wedding planning fil-o-fax type folder.

But not before getting waylaid by a jewellery store… with a very clever saleslady. I got a ring, earrings and a necklace! And we bought a pair of pearl stud earrings for my mommy darling- to replace the ones my knucklehead managed to mysteriously dispose of when he was a little boy.

From Menlyn we dashed off home- stopping at the bottle store and collecting gas bottles for our heater- and made it home shortly after Sweets arrived with her boys for a visit. ExMi and her BF arrived a little later, with Dude- the puppy- and we proceeded to have a fantastic evening!

On Sunday, I baked strawberry daiquiri cupcakes and we took ourselves off to Shebee’s place for a tweet-up with some old friends and some new faces! It was great fun and there were even pony rides for the kidlets! ExMi’s BF and my Glugster both sported sunglasses and hangovers, which was comical, and I had my camera of course. It’s always awesome to see good friends again. Shebee made lunch for us all, and between Sass, SingleSyllable and myself, there was ample dessert!

Before heading for Shebee’s, we had dropped the knucklehead off at his GF, and when we left Shebee’s we stopped to put in fuel, and then my Glugs and I swopped seats so he could sleep and I drove home. The poor dude was really very hung over for most of the day.

Sunday night was early to bed for the two of us.

What I wouldn’t have given to stay home this morning- especially when I got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on the way to work!

16 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was!

  1. Stupid internets just deleted my comment. Grrr…

    Was cool to run into you on Sat, wedding stuff in hand 😉

    Sad for your folks, but very special that you and your mom can share your feelings with each other so easily.

    Strawberry cupcakes sound incredible!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Very sad for your folks about the dancing; I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t dance again. I’d hug them if I could xx

  3. WOW – What a GREAT weekend!!!! I am sorry bout Mom and Dad, was heartsore to read that – Gosh I MISS THEM and YOU ALL!!!!

  4. Awww. It is sad about your parents 🙁
    You lucky fish being spoilt with jewellery! Bridal expos are so cool…things always look so beautiful!

    I am so jealous of all the get togethers you cool people in JHB have!

  5. it was awesome seeing you two days in a row….went from not seeing you in months, to seeing you the whole weekend!

    ps: we must talk more about that weekend away, the bf is keen.

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