Party Hearty People!

What a weekend that was! It felt like one long non-stop MOB*!!


Lemme start at the beginning shall I?


Weeks ago, we were thinking of flying the always fantabulous Cath up for a weekend, just for a visit.

Then we got the invite for Shebee and 8UNNI’s biffday party, and figured “What better reason could we have to get madame Cath-tastic up here to phlegm-teng (as Shebeeliciousness so fondly refers to it)?”

Plans were put into place, tickets were bought, and Cath started making plans on her side for Cam whilst she came up for the biffday party.

We told no-one. We spoke only to Cath about it. We left the befuddling entirely to Cath, who laid it on thick with Shebee when she saw or spoke to her, and managed to keep her totally in the dark.


On the Friday before the party, I baked a batch of strawberry cupcakes and a batch of chocolate cupcakes (after screwing up the honey ones I wanted to make, which again reminded me not to try a new recipe for the first time on the day I want them), I tidied up a little, Damien had helped organise the spare room with the sleeper couch during the day, and then we took ourselves off to the airport. We awaited Cath with flowers and a balloon at OR Tambo airport and then took her- along with her monstrous suitcase 🙂 – to Pappardelle for supper. This was to be our first encounter with “special” waitrons for the weekend… and there was no cocktail menu! We almost left, but we were starving, so we stayed. The food wasn’t bad, but I doubt we’ll be back anytime soon.

Then it was home for a cup of coffee and bedtime.


Saturday morning Glugs and I were up at sparrow’s fart and left Cath to her own devices at the house for a couple of hours.

When we got back I iced the cupcakes- chocolate for Shebee and strawberry for 8UNNI- whilst Cath and I chatted about how excited we were, then she and Glugs helped the knucklehead and his buddy set up their PCs for some decent LAN.

And because I was in a hurry I dropped my favourite pyrex mixing jug- with a newly finished batch of pink butter icing- and it smashed on the floor! Thankfully I still had some cream cheese so I quickly made a new batch of bright pink icing and begged Dora the maid to clean up the mess for me so we could leave… but what a waste!

Then it was time to get dressed and make our way to Primi Piatti Lifestyle to drop off the cupcakes as arranged with 8UNNI. I was very glad I wouldn’t have to leave them in the car as it had turned out to be a glorious winter’s day, and you’re not allowed to take any food into Gold Reef City 🙁


Meeting up with the revelers at Gold Reef entailed first queuing for tickets- where we scored because CraigN was already in the front of the queue with SamanthaPerry and bought our tickets for us, saving us quite a wait.

8UNNI told us they were at the “Tower Of Terror” so we took ourselves off that way, with Cath hiding behind Glugster until we got close enough for her to hide behind the building they would be coming out of after the INSANE ride they’d all just been on!

It was hugs and kisses hello all round and then Cath grabbed Sheena from behind, clapping her hand over her mouth and asked her something about revenge… I forget exactly what it was, but these two have their own language when they’re together anyway.

Then it was screaming and laughing and crying and jumping and hugging- happily photographed from all angles by the ample camera holders in attendance!

Their reactions alone made all the secrecy and organising worth it!

Once the excitement had died down a tad, we realised we hadn’t eaten since the night before, and some of us sat ourselves down at the nearest Mugg & Bean for some lunch. Here again, we were tortured by atrocious service from barely intelligible staff, but the food was great. When we were done- Shebee and co having gone off in search of another ride- we phone 8UNNI and her entourage to see where she was, and then made our way to “Oldees Diner”, in another part of Gold Reef.

Between leaving M&B and getting to Oldees we played a couple of carnival games, losing mostly, but winning a stuffed dog in the one place!

Then Oldees was where we spent the rest of the afternoon! It became the base of operations for the day. We stayed and drank, and everyone else would go in search of some hair-raising excitement or photographic opportunities, and return to Oldees!

When the waitron (also not ideal when it came to getting orders right and such) told us it was last rounds, we ordered another round and awaited the return of the last group of people to have subjected themselves to some insane adrenalin-overloading experience.

Then we took ourselves off to Primi for the evening!


The cupcakes had been looked after, so I was very pleased, and they brought them to our table when we arrived.

The rest of the biffday party guests arrived bit by bit, and our table was soon full up!

I had already decided a few weeks ago that I was going to put aside my no-drinking rule for this weekend and all the biffday excitement, so whilst my Glugs stuck to his usual KWV and coke, the rest of us climbed into Primi’s ample cocktail menu!

I’ll leave it there and simply say that a wonderful time was had by all indeed! I think the many photographs speak for themselves!


On Sunday, Cath had to be back at OR Tambo by 1pm for her homeward journey so in the morning, Shebeeliciousness, Jkretzmer, ExMi and the boyfriend (who hadn’t been able to attend the biffday shindig), and the sadly blog-scarce Sweets popped round to our house for a cup of coffee!

Then when it was time to go, we loaded the giant suitcase in the car; I wrapped up Cath’s flowers so she could take them home with her, and I quickly packed a little box of 4 cupcakes specially iced for Cam.

We didn’t have time for naught but the check in and hugs and kisses goodbye, and then Cath was gone, winging her way back to Cam.

The weekend was gone so quickly, and yet it felt like it was so long…


It was a fab-tastic couple of days, and Cath was sweet enough to MMS some pics of Cam with her pressies from Jo’burg (which included a rainbow striped lolly that was almost bigger than Cam’s head)!


And if you’d like to see them, you can find a whole bunch of my pictures here, and you can see ZA5’s pictures here!


*MOB – Meeting Of Bloggers


…come play on my rollercoaster…

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  1. I am *super* jealous of all the awesome get togethers the JHB bloggers have! You guys always seem to have such a lot of fun!

    That icing incident would have sent me to the loony bin screaming and cursing. It never rains, but it pours hey?

    Super glad you put aside your no drinking rule. I’m pretty sure it will do no harm! Everything in moderation 🙂
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..MORE loot! =-.

  2. HOw wonderfully awesome awesome.. Brilliant way to celebrate the Day of birth surrounded by people you love and those that love you in return..
    P.S. It has been discovered that I can keep secrets 😉

  3. Thank you for been you and for been so wonderful!

    I am so blessed to be able to call you a friend!

    These memories will be in my heart forever and ever!

  4. Looks like a great weekend and as usual your cupcakes look amazing. You could actually start a business out of it! So sorry about your Pyrex jug – thats even worse than the icing! And what is it about restaurants and service in general these days. My kids get embarrassed when I’m having a fit at some customer service individual but honestly I dont see the alternative.
    .-= Momcat´s last blog ..A mouse in the house =-.

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