Taking A Leaf Out Of Ruby’s Book…

Today, I am writing a letter, Ruby style. It needs doing.


Dear SterKinekor

Recently, I found out that several of your movie houses actually have “loveseats” or “lovenests” as you refer to them!

This was a wonderful discovery for me.

Anyone who has met us will know that my darling Glugster is not a small man, and as much as we enjoy watching movies, he finds regular movie seats immensely uncomfortable. So finding out we could go somewhere to watch movies without being squished into seats made for children- and I do understand the need to put as many people into a small space as possible– was great news.

Yesterday, we took ourselves off to Rosebank, where we were led to believe there were loveseats available, and decided on a movie.

We have several movies we still want to see, District 9, the newest Harry Potter and G.I. Joe being on the list, so of course we opted for District 9, which was showing in theatre #1. Off we go to the till to make our booking, and the woman tells us, there are no loveseats in #1, that the only theatre with loveseats at that particular mall is #2.

So what’s showing in #2 I hear you ask?

Well, since we’re happy to see one of the other movies on our list instead, we have a look.




Of all the shirty choices you could have made, you pick G-Force. You show a movie aimed at youngsters in the ONLY theatre that has loveseats!

How the hell do you make that decision?

Couldn’t you use a little savvy when deciding which movie is shown in which theatre?

Do you want youngsters shagging in your movie theatre?

We eventually opted for the Harry Potter flick because we like to watch them on the big screen, and the other two we want to see will still be showing for a while. But my poor Glugs spent most of the 2.5 hours trying to get comfortable in his seat.

SterKinekor management, please think a little bit about how these things work in future.



16 thoughts on “Taking A Leaf Out Of Ruby’s Book…

  1. Oi!! How bass-ackwards can some places/people be??
    So, did you send this to them? Have they responded yet? Whats the bet you won’t get a response? Did you send it to them on their website via e-mail? I am SO curious to know if they’ll actually respond. Customer care and client services is COMPLETELY up the pole in this country.
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..BEAUTY QUEEN MATERIAL ?? =-.

  2. Aw, how truly annoying! And I hope that soon you get to try out those loveseats, I really enjoy them 🙂 After a quick browse around, I see you can’t even search for cinema’s with loveseats on Ster Kinekor’s site 🙁 They should include an icon or something on the website for sure! (I hope you’ve mailed this letter to them directly as well!)
    .-= phillygirl´s last blog ..Whirlwind Weekend =-.

  3. That is why me and hubby always go to Irene Mall, Brooklyn Mall & Menlyn Mall if we want to see a movie because they have love seats available, for big people like us.

    And it is so unacceptable for them to have love seats in a children’s movie.

  4. How silly! Clearly their scheduling dept didnt take into account the love seats 🙁

    Being uncomfortable while trying to enjoy is not fun!! Sorry Glugster!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..I want a dog =-.

  5. That is truly retarded! Firstly, if you have it in one theatre, have it in all. Silly that you can only see the movie that has been chosen for that particular theatre…and then of course, don’t show the kiddies movies in the ONE that has a love seat.

    *sigh* No medicine for stupid.

    I have to agree about the seats. They are quite small. I’m oversized myself and find it hard to be comfortable in them.
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..My Oupa =-.

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