Up For Grabs!!!


I won a set of KIKA-SACK and Jozikids balls when I became a fan of Jozikids on Facebook!

Isn’t that awesome!??!



I do love winning things…

Anyhoodle. When I heard I’d won, I had a thought. Since I am so horribly challenged when it comes to sport of any kind- and I reckon my knucklehead would rather play PS2 or Warhammer40K- I am going to give away my prize!

Kika-Sack is reminiscent of the hacky sack, which I remember guys playing for years and years. And the term “hacky sack” of course refers to both the actual ball and the game- which entails keeping the sack in the air for as long as possible- is played by kids of all ages!

The actual ball itself can be used in so many ways too! They’re not just for sport either… I have seen these balls used by occupational therapists as well because they’re small and relatively heavy.

So here’s how the give-away is going to work.

Leave me a comment giving me an alternative use for the balls, I mean other than the classic hacky-sack game, and I will pick one by Friday midnight to award the prize to!!!


…come play on my rollercoaster…

12 thoughts on “Up For Grabs!!!

  1. “…balls up for grabs…”

    umm, on second thoughts, maybe I should’ve worded this differently?!?

  2. yay me! yay I winned. I’m so super excited cos I almost never win ANYTHING!! again, yay me!!

    Thanks Angel, for putting the balls up for grabs. Boobah will be just as happy about them.



  3. My sincerest apologies for being so slow!!!

    I stuck all 7 names in a hat and pulled one out- so fair’s fair… and Boobah’s Mom’s won the balls!!
    Congratulations girl!
    Email me your postal ddress so I can get them to you ASAP (well… as ASAP as the SAPO will allow whilst on strike…)!!

    Darla- you came up with some awesome suggestions, but the competition was only up until Friday.

  4. There are so many uses for hacky sacks! (Have you seen the crocheted version? I still make them. Fill them with dried beans and leave them all over the place.)
    Let’s see: stress relievers (squeeze, squeeze), husband abusers (throw @ the unaware), grocery store entertainment (same as prior but toss over an aisle at a partner), cat toy (stuff with catnip), replacement pieces for tick-tack-toe or checkers, game piece for monopoly, paperweight …. um … um …. that’s all I can think of at the moment. Even though it’s after Friday thot you’d appreciate the fun 🙂
    .-= Darla´s last blog ..magic trick =-.

  5. Put them on the wall behind where a door would hit when pulled open to fast and it slams into the wall…..

    I played hack a LOT as a teen…. for hours and hours on end. good times.

  6. hello tjom 🙂
    i don’t know, kick it around… roll it around… throw it at the boys heads when they don’t listen? hehe… you know ballsy things!

  7. well you could use it as a doorstop, or use it as a pet’s toy, or maybe just throw it at people you don’t like.

  8. Hurry up and enter something big like the lotto or a traveling prize, you are definately on a winning streak. As for the balls? Mmmh, Boobah’s mom stole my idea so nada.

  9. oooh, i have an idea…. non-kid related though…. for those of us who were very last in line at the boob-queue, we could use these as fake boobs in a very big bra…..

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