25 Firsts!!

I saw this on Gills Jottings some time ago, and I stashed it for when I might require some blog fodder! Feel free to do it yourself too…


1. Who was your first prom date?

I didn’t have a prom… and since I did my matric through correspondence I didn’t have a matric dance either… but my family organised a party for me to celebrate the end of my dreadful exams that had been spread over 2 years! A good friend of mine back then, Anthony- who had also been my first ever boyfriend- was my date for the evening.

2. Do you still talk to your first love?

Nope. I believe my first love was my knucklehead’s father, and we haven’t spoken since the time he called when the knucklehead was about 2 weeks old.

3. What was your first alcoholic drink?

Beer. In fact I think it was Castle Draught, the one in the 2L bottle! Anyone remember those?

4. What was your first job?

I worked at CNA. I was a cashier and I packed shelves and patrolled the shelves helping customers out.

5. What was your first car?

A powder blue, second-hand, Mazda 323 that my mom helped me buy. It got stolen!

6. Who was the first person to text you today?

My Glugster ?

7. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?

My Glugster… ?

8. Who was your first grade teacher?

Mrs Clark

9. When did you go on your first flight in a plane?

If I remember correctly, I was in grade 3… I didn’t fly again until my knucklehead and I went to Howick for a weekend in… 2006 I think it was!

10. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?

My bestest best friend was Genevieve, since I changed schools in 1982, and we’re still BBF’s!!!

11. Where was your first sleepover?

Hell… I can’t remember… prolly at my Ouma’s house.

12. Who was the first person you talked to today?

My Glugster, when I woke him up to say goodbye.

13. Whose wedding were you in for the first time?

I believe it was my sister B’s wedding. I was her maid of honour. I was supposed to be my BBF’s maid of honour when she get married, but the nature of my previous employer made it impossible and I have never forgiven them.

14. What was the first thing you did this morning?

Checked my email and Twitter. 😀

15. What was the first concert you went to?

Hhmmm… I think it may well have been a thing at Centurion Cricket Grounds. I vaguely remember misbehaving in a corner on the grass and Steve Hofmeyr performing!

16. First tattoo?

A black dragon on my upper left arm.

17. First piercing?

I had my ears pierced in grade 7, but they never healed. I had them redone when I was 33 years old!

18. First foreign country you went to?

I haven’t been out of the country yet! I’ll be going to Oz in December (just after Christmas) for a trip to see my BBF!

19. First movie you remember seeing?

Bambi! With my daddy darling and my sister B!

20. What state did you first live in?

I’ve only ever lived in Gauteng…

21. Who was your first room mate?

My sister B and I were room-mates most of our lives… when we lived at home I mean.

22. When was your first detention?

Grade 7! I was mortified!

23. If you had one wish what would it be?

            For my knucklehead’s ADHD to vanish into thin air so his genius can take over…

24. What is one thing you would learn, given the chance?

Showee… I can’t think of one thing! I mean, there are a lot of things, I can’t choose one!

25. What was the name of your imaginary friend?

I didn’t have one, but I replaced the original question #25 with this one because I thought it was lame and pointless, and didn’t feeling like taking the 5th again.


…come play on my rollercoaster…

12 thoughts on “25 Firsts!!

  1. Oh ja hey this reminded me you’re coming to Oz! If you’re gonna be anywhere near Brisbane let me know and we should meet up!

    (And am I the only person who had an imaginary friend…?)
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..normality begins =-.

  2. Hehehehehehe – I remember those 2lt draft beers – we drank heaps of those and got into BIG trouble when my mom bust us!!! lol

    1982 – Shite that is a moerse long time my friend! I am counting down the days for when I can actually see you in real life again!!!!! CANT WAIT!

  3. hahhhaa. i always got detention, but i never went. so i would get more detention for not going that i wouldn’t go to and so on and so on. i think i owed about two and a half years of continuious detention by the time I left. but I was all like: “so, what you going to do about it?” god i was HIDEOUS. i bet jackson is going to be the same and THEN WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????
    .-= The Jackson Files´s last blog ..Where the wild thing is =-.

  4. Actually it was me that arranged you surprise Matric Dance party (with a little help from mom) – Anthony and Linda and I were having a good giggle at how we were going to catch you out. It was so much fun! And we were all absolutely exhausted cause we had being partying at Franky and Linda’s the night before, and I was SO sunburnt from being at the pool all day before the party too! LOL!
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..GETTING TO KNOW ME… =-.

  5. acidicice: my sweet Glugster did it all for me…

    Wenchy: teehee… I had the one, and then in highschool I attended a couple with my BF…
    .-= Angel ´s last blog ..25 Firsts!! =-.

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