Birthday Surprises!!!

This Sunday past- the 27thMalicious Intent* celebrated her 40th birthday.

M.I. has had a really REALLY rough year, and I felt she deserved to be spoilt a little bit for her birthday.

She’s one helluva writer. She’s an uber-mom. She has gawjiss tattoos. She has fabulous taste in music. And as a champion for Autism in the USA- she is my inspiration when it comes to supporting ADHDer parents and advocating my son’s cause, as well as that of other ADHDers.



I wracked my brain for something we could do for her for her birthday. Knowing our postal services she’d get her birthday pressie for Christmas, and I really wanted to give her something I thought she’d enjoy.

So I got a list of the Etsy shops she likes off her blog, and I messaged them to find out if any of them would be amenable to some kind of electronic gift voucher or something, since Etsy itself doesn’t have those facilities.

Have It Sweet and Dancing Mooney (who has a separate website as well) were the first to respond to my query, and after chatting a bit and establishing that I was not in fact a crackpot stalker type person (kidding), we came up with a better idea than a voucher.

They both made up special packages for me to order, with things they knew M.I. would love as she buys from both these shops on a fairly regular basis. I then purchased the specially created “items” and they shipped them off to M.I. with a happy birthday message from my Glugster, the knucklehead and I!

Have It Sweet made up a package of marshmallow pumpkins and special caramels, and Dancing Mooney packaged soap and a pair of earrings!

How cool is that!??!!

The Have It Sweet delivery was made on the Friday before her birthday, and the Dancing Mooney delivery arrived the Monday after.



the “Have It Sweet” order

I tell you bunnies, I am so often blown away by the incredible people I meet on the internet. It was so awesome that both these Etsy shop owners were quite happy to go out of their way to help me do something special for a far-away friend! 


M.I. showing off her pressies on the pottery she’s spoilt herself with!

15 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises!!!

  1. All Bunnies: thank you for the flattery all you all… but that wasn’t why I posted about it!
    The point was to direct you to the two Etsy stores that helped me out!

  2. What a lovely thing to do Angel. The internet has definitely made the world a smaller place!
    .-= Momcat´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Internets peeps are awesome. I think it’s coz people are more inclined to be themselves online, whilst in person the walls are put up. And in my optimistic opinion this world is full of inherently GOOD people. With a few Eeedjits thrown in to rustle some feathers.

    Have a fatabulous weekend Angel 🙂
    .-= Mellisoo´s last blog ..Creativenessness =-.

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