Rocking The Gardens!!

I took this series of pictures whilst “Tidal Waves” was playing, and found a GIF maker online called Gickr!


How awesome was Rocking The Gardens at Emmarentia, bunnies!!?!

Before heading for the concert, we met up and had a delicious breakfast at Doppio Greenside. I really think we need to warn venues if a bunch of bloggers or Tweople are about to descend on them… we’re a demanding and exceptionally opinionated bunch. The food was pretty good, the company was fabulous, but the service coulda been better. Oh how we loathe having to look for our waitron!!

We then had a splendirific time sharing a chill-spot under the trees with ExMi and her BF, Snowgoose and her sister AKA bananaramagirl, Bergen, Shebee, her other half John and her fav 14-year-old Cassie. I haven’t been to a festival like this in well over 5 years and I was immensely chuffed to have won two tickets! We were rather unorganised though and arrived sans chairs, blankets or refreshments! Thankfully we were with people who were organised and we could share their blankies. And there was a “beer tent”- which IMHO could SO have done with a basic queueing system (like the ones they use in the banks) because people just crammed in at the bar counter and stood 5 and 6 deep… And a few drinks could take up to half an hour! There were also food stands for munchies. And not nearly enough portaloos or toilet paper.


Are there ever enough porta-potties!??

People watching was a scream! Festivals like this one always entice the weirdos out of hiding and we giggled aplenty at weird outfits and strange behaviour!! And of course there’re always some rude wankers who decide they want some of your space and simply force their way in. When they left, John pointed out to them that they had not picked up most of the garbage they had accumulated and would they be so kind as to do so since this was a “green” festival. They did, without making a fuss. I think they may have been a tad embarrassed, which serves them right.

The music was great and we had a pretty cool view of the stage. Despite leaving early we saw most of the bands, including Fire Through The Window, Bed On Bricks, Tidal Waves, aKING, Ashtray Electric and the Black Hotels.

And apparently Sass was there too with her hoops- and as we hobbled out we saw a pile of hula-hoops and commented on them… but we didn’t see her, which is a pity. We did see a few people we know though, and there was quite a lot of howdies and hand shakes through the day.

We ended up leaving the festival a good three hours earlier than we planned because I stepped in a hole in the dark and sprained my fargin ankle! I was in agony at first, and then it felt okay… but it very quickly started swelling and hurting again, so we left. I’ve never done this in my life before (nor have I broken any bones because I’ve always been tooo chicken to climb trees and such like) and I am frankly surprised by how much it hurts. I reckon that walk to the car was one of the longest I’ve ever done! And I was sorely disappointed to leave as I had really wanted to see Freshly Ground and Gang Of Instrumentals 🙁

Anyhoodle, I’ve loaded a bunch of pictures on Flickr if you’d like to see more!

20 thoughts on “Rocking The Gardens!!

  1. Bobbi Janay, Briget, Brigitte, Gilz, Mellisoo, Alet, EZtuts, Wenchy, Tamara: it was a blast- I am so going again next year!!
    And my ankle is feeling better slowly…

    MeeA: I never got to any of the Woodstocks… 🙁

    ExMi: 😀

    Hardspear: thanx dude! I’ve been looking for a cool GIF maker for a while, and this one takes up to 10 photos!

    Palabuzz: what game would that be…?

    Shahil: so where are the pics?

    acidicice: G.O.I.’s act was starting when we were leaving…

  2. Sorry about your ankle babe 🙁 SUCH a pity that you missed Freshly Ground…they are INDEED awesome live! IMHO you didn’t miss much with Gang of instrumentals – they were at our staff party and I couldn’t make out what they were singing. They just sounded like noise.

    Oh…and I have also never broken a bone *touch wood*
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..Parties, fights, movies and Thanksgiving =-.

  3. I was there too! Going to upload some pics later this week. It was such an awesome festival. Had so so much of fun!!!
    .-= Shahil´s last blog ..Because =-.

  4. Gawd – I think the last time I went to a music festival it was Woodstock ’99 in Heidelberg…
    Sorry you sprained your ankle and had to leave; Sounds like it was great fun!
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..Lone(ly) Wolf =-.

  5. What a Jol!! Sorry you hurted your ankle. I can emphathise as I still battle with my ankle since I tore the ligaments that one christmas. It is very painful and if not looked after properly can be a problem. Take care of it.
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..NUDGE-NUDGE, WINK-WINK =-.

  6. Jeanette: I love taking pictures of festival goers. They’re always keen!

    Louisa: its tender, and annoying with the bandage and such on… but its not as sore as last night. Thanx for asking.
    .-= Angel ´s last blog ..Rocking The Gardens!! =-.

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