So… How’s The Ankle?

Well, to be honest, it still hurts like a mother trucker most days!

I have the ankle-brace, and its highly likely it’ll fit into a shoe or a sneaker- but I haven’t tried yet- and I’m now using one of the crutches on most days. I still can’t put much weight on it at all, and I haven’t started physio yet.

Its infuriating, because I still can’t drive, which means I can’t go to the post office on Mondays like I usually do. Which means I can’t do shopping “quickly” after work for salad stuff or bread or whatever. Which means I have had to cancel dancing and I really miss it! Which means I can’t take Magic the cat back to the vet “quickly” after work! I can’t stand for particularly long periods of time either- which means I can’t cook or bake either, and I’m suffering from serious cupcake-baking-withdrawal!! And by the end of the day I’m really eina…

It also interferes mightily with our love life! Its quite unbelievable how much one might use one’s feet…



My sweetheart, my knucklehead and my colleagues have been so cool! Fetching and carrying for me, helping me in and out of the car, getting my coffee, warming up my lunch… Its so sweet and I appreciate it soooo much!

I do hope it’ll start coming right soon… I desperately need my independence back!!

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