The Competition Is Closed

I am now reading through all the entries and attempting to choose one… You can read them too, and perhaps tell me which one you like the most?

This one is from Lyndall, who doesn’t have a blog:

Old wives tales for kids, where do I begin?!?! lol, I have a mother, a mother in law, A soon 2 be step mother and 3 grannies!!! lol. I have heard all the old wives tales there are..from rubbing “clove oil” on a baby’s gums for teething, to rubbing aloe plant on an insect bite, then there is everyones favourite of rubbing brandy on a baby’s eina gums, epsom salts in the bath to induce labour, codliver oil to drink to induce labour, my favourite is that they say that if you blow up balloons it will induce labour, so the last week of my pregnancy I was blowing up packets and packets of balloons(did nothing) to be continued..
Then there are the tales about drinking milkstout while breastfeeding will increase your milk and cabbage leaves in your bra to help your milk flow!
Some of them work, some of them do not but all I can say is do not listen to all you hear! Just trust your gut and you will know what to believe or what advice to take.
The list could go on and on but I just highlighted my favourite tales and remedies.
Hope I win, I need sleep and that book looks good. Lol

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One problem is, I have no idea who referred who- so I have no idea who to give the mystery prize to!!?!??

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  1. from the looks of it, everyone was referred from your blog. so pick one person to win the books, and another to win the mystery prize, or one person for both?
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