Competition Prize Announcement

The entries were all excellent- and I am so chuffed at getting so many entries, lemme tell you!

I had an unbelievably hard time picking a winner through just reading them.


So I decided to pick a winner randomly.

After a very complicated and scientifically analytical process of writing the entrants names down on 9 pieces of paper, and then getting a colleague to arbitrarily number the backs of the papers 1 to 9 without knowing what for- the list ended up looking like this:


1 Lyndall

2 a bit of this a bit of that

3 A Bad Mommy’s Blog

4 Tweaking Motherhood

5 random thoughts from underneath the table v3.0

6 MamaMeea

7 Life Love & Everything Else

8 acidicice

9 The Jackson Files


Then, using a random number generator off the internet, I picked a number, and I am very pleased to announce that the winner waaaaaaaaaas…






…drum roll please…








Life Love & Everything Else!!!!!!


Congratulations girl- and thank you for entering. Now email me your postal addy so I can send you your prize.


As for the mystery prize for the referrals… it seems there was one from Rebecca and one from Mari… sooo, I think I’ll stash the mystery prize and give it away at a later stage- and then I may even tell you what it is! 😀


…come play on my rollercoaster…


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